Eurogamer reviews Metal Gear Online

Dan Whitehead reports:

''What do you think? Ready to go for another 2000 comments? Or is everyone still too tired from last time? It probably doesn't matter, since Metal Gear's optional online side dish doesn't quite come with the same burden of expectation and devotion as the main course. It is, however, very much a distinct and separate part of the package and thus worthy of its own moment in the spotlight. And, for the benefit of those on both sides, that's exactly how I'll be scoring it - as the first iteration of a standalone Metal Gear Online game that just happens to come bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4.''

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Fishy Fingers3832d ago

Why are people reviewing MGS and MGO separately? I don't recall them doing that with other games.

Drekken3832d ago

because it is a PS3 exclusive and anything to knock off points.

Keowrath3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Didn't see your comment mate, just asked the exact same thing in the Gamer zone.

EDIT ROFL at my disagree (pre-emptive) /s

Britjadg3832d ago

its actually ridiculous. if MGO had been released seperately to MGS4 then fair cop, but ultimately this review is saying that MGO is a standalone game, and its not. its a package, a package that compliments the single player just as the countless generation of games that have come before it. i find this particularly frustrating and vastly inapprorpriate - especially from a publication with such a vast readerbase.

if this is to become the norm for eurogamer then there is a little less sting in the separate reviews, but lets be realistic: thats not the case is it.

Aquanox3832d ago

Wasn't this title promoted as an independent product?

For what I know, the websites even have it listed separately. This is probably why they reviewed it in a new article.

By the way, considering this one got 7/10, wouldn't it lower the overall game if included in the first review? If we average both, MGS4 would've had a score of 7.5

zapass3832d ago

Xbollox News

(I love the .net though... nice touch... picture LOL!)

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chewy3173832d ago

no fair... mgo is fun dont u agree? how could it get 7...

Rikitatsu3832d ago

It deserves a 9.5/10

Anyway, we know that Eurogamer gave MGS4 a 8/10, so we shouldn't give them any attention

Drekken3832d ago

MGO IIIS Fun. I can spend hours playing it. Sure, there are a couple things that needs to be tweaked, but no way does it deserve less then an 8.

Either way... screw eurogamer and review scores.

chewy3173832d ago

isnt mgo together with mgs4, if so mgs4 score = to 7+8 = 15/10

sonarus3832d ago

Hahaha. MGO is great but its the kind of game its hard to jump into and enjoy immediately. You need enough patience to adjust to the style of play but i really really liked it. Opinions on MGO will be split though. Some will see it as crap or mediocre while others mostly gamers who enjoyed MGS4 will see it as gold

Megaton3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Well in all honesty, as a stand alone title, it really is about a 7 or 8, which is why most people reviewed it as part of MGS4, seeing as how it's on the same disc and can't even be bought by itself.

Rock Bottom3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

He said at the end of the review that MGS4 got 8/10 and MGO got 7/10 so out of 20 the whole package would get 15/20...

15/20 equals 7,5/10 which is lower than the 8 they gave for MGS4...

He's saying MGS4 > MGS4 + MGO...

This is Eurogamer's logic, this is how smart their reviewers are.

xhairs3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

This is pretty much the first online game of metal gear, I'm not surprised. However for it being the first it has definitely surpassed many games in terms of quality. MGO is awesome even if you do have to sit around a couple of rounds to actually figure stuff out, it's not exactly an FPS online game nor is it an MMO so it has its own style of play. Anyone can go into an FPS game and immediately know the controls/layout etc. etc. of the game. MGO is just a different style of game altogether and you need to learn it to play it.

@ Rock Bottom
He didn't say that MGO + MGS4 was a 15/20. He's saying MGS 4 = 8/10, MGO = 7/10. He didn't want you to combine MGO + MGS4, they're exactly what he stated -- two stand alone games.

NO_PUDding3832d ago

And by this Logic, GT5: Prologue should be reviewed as a half game. Funny Eurogamer didn't do that.


xhairs3832d ago

Considering it is prologue and came out individual from GT5, it doesn't need to be half a game. It is a game -- though it only features a fraction of what GT5 will bring, it was still released, priced and played like an actual stand-alone game.

Rock Bottom3832d ago

Oh! sorry I mess read that. but still, reviewing MGS4 and MGO separately is wrong. >_>

Millah3832d ago

LOL, what makes Eurogamer think this is its own game and should be given a low score on its own? As I recall, isn't this included in MGS4, and thus, not supposed to be stand alone? Maybe if they actually reviewed MGS4 as a whole, the way that it comes for everyone who purchases it, it might have gotten a better score? Hell with their logic, lets review Halo 3 and the multiplayer separately and give each portion a 7, since each portion scored on its own is not very mindblowing, but the package as a whole is what made it pretty good.

Either way, they are just stirring the pot now and looking for that controversy to get more heres some advice, don't pay attention to them, and absolutely DO NOT give their website any more traffic and just ignore their ignorance.

Bubble Buddy3821d ago

"What do you think? Ready to go for another 2000 comments? "

I think they mean 2000 hits. [email protected]

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paul_war3832d ago

I wasn't a fan of the beta, but haven't played the full version yet.

So will this take people away from COD4 or Warhawk?

What am I saying, it seems nothing will take people away from COD

ianp6223832d ago

It took me away from Warhawk, but I haven't played COD4. Though I don't think COD4 has the same sneaking element that MGO does, right?

pwnsause3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

it wont take people away from COD4, COD4 runs faster than MGO, i still like MGO though, you can customize your weapons in the game to take advantage of the situation that you're in. the other thing is that the game uses stealth elements as well. my

Mainman3832d ago

After MGO beta COD4 was boring to me, and never played it after that.

I never played Warhawk though.

paul_war3832d ago

Must confess Warhawk is my personal fav.

@ ianp622

You can use camouflage in COD, hide in the grass and no-one will see you, it's not widely done though, as soon as someone gets 'uav airborne' then the radar lights up like a Christmas tree.

MikeGdaGod3832d ago

it took me away from both games. i hate playing FPS online so i only played CoD online twice and i haven't played Warhawk in a while.

Bubble Buddy3821d ago

"You can use camouflage in COD, hide in the grass and no-one will see you, it's not widely done though, as soon as someone gets 'uav airborne' then the radar lights up like a Christmas tree."

Use UAV Jammer. I have my own class for sneaking around undetected, the class name "SOLID SNAKE". But the gillie suit doesn't work that well. You mostly have to find new sniping spots. Anyways, MGSO is pretty sick, and I take turns playing CoD4, MGO, Warhawk. Amazing games.

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Keowrath3832d ago

Why does MGO get reviewed seperately to MGS4? When games last year were marked down for not having multiplayer. And some games getting their score bumped up because of the multiplayer part alone, why is it different for MGS4?

Drekken3832d ago

becuase eurogamer is trash.

Britjadg3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

gay isn't it?

shouldn't be separate reviews. end of.

at the very least, if reviewers are going to do it this way, there should NOT be a separate rating NUMBER score for the online component. it should be done as a package.

WIIIS13832d ago

You've got a point. If it was reviewed together, the online portion would have brought the overall score of the game down.

Blademask3832d ago

COD4\Halo3\GTA4 wasn't graded separately for multiplayer? Why MGS4?

ITs all on the same disc? you just go to it in the menu? odd?

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name3832d ago

MGO is only fun if you know how to get headshots. Once you learn headshots the game is about an 9.0. If you aren't good at the game the game is easily a 7.

ianp6223832d ago

Definitely. Same goes for Counter Strike.