ZTGD Review: Puchi Puchi Virus

Lately, the Nintendo DS has been subjected to a deluge of mediocre puzzle games, geared towards casual, Bejeweled-loving Pop-Cap game players. Essentially, they are all the same in forcing the player to do something involving brightly colored orbs which the touch screen isn't necessary in any meaningful way. One would think developing a puzzler on a platform which has a touchscreen would inspire the developer to…use the touch screen? Just a though…Games such as this are also known to be deceptively titled, with names involving Egypt, etc, fooling the player into thinking it might actually be a cool game…until that is you flip the box over and realize that it's just another movin' the jewel based puzzler.

Enter NIS, publisher of unanimously loved SRPGs such as Disgaea (The SRPG with Exploding Penguins), into the fray with Puchi Puchi Virus. Puchi stands out from the pack for many reasons, the main for ZTGD being NIS brand of wacky humor in this one of a kind puzzler.

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