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Eurogamer Portugal give MGS4 10/10

It seems that the guys over at Eurogamer Portugal disagree with thier British counterparts scoring Metal Gear Solid 10/10 in thier review of the game. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 10/10

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chewy317  +   2377d ago
are they trying to redeem themselves???
sonarus  +   2377d ago
lol indeed
xaphanze  +   2377d ago
This game has come out today in my country, but I can't get it yet coz my girlfriend wants to get it as a present for me knowing how much this game means to me.I'm really losing it.Can't wait.
Keowrath  +   2377d ago
If she knew how much the game means to you, she'd buy it now as an early present!
xaphanze  +   2377d ago
She lives in another country.She's coming next week.I see her for 3 months each year.
Keowrath  +   2377d ago
OK, let me rephrase that then, if she knew how much the game means to you, she'd arrange to visit today!

I'm just messing with ya, being the massive MGS fan that I am, I can feel your pain. Rest assured though, it will be worth the wait!
name  +   2377d ago
lol hilarious.
kingOVsticks  +   2377d ago
This reviews are all over the place from one extreme to another. Atleast this eurogamer gives credit where credit is due.
himdeel  +   2377d ago
Not really extremes...
...in scores. So far the scores have been between 8-10 with more scoring the game at 10.
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dude_uk  +   2377d ago
is it just me?? or do you guys remember the MGS4 bashing about the AI and how stupid the AI was...

well those people should play the game on The Boss Extreme.... I'd really like to see the look on their faces \o/
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wangdiddy82  +   2377d ago
the ai in this game is extremly good..
Im playing on solid snake or solid normal.. I forget.. Anyway this game is awesome. hands down one of the best games ever made if not the best... I recommend picking up the official guide to this game to.. A lot of cool things you can do in this game you might not think of..

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