IGN: Madden Blog: Play Call Changes

The Initial Design Goals:
Play Call is arguably the most important screen in the game. You spend the majority of your time on this screen and it is the epicenter of all the important decisions that are made in game. EA set out this year with a goal of completely revolutionizing the Play Call screen with a new level of presentation and most importantly interaction. Here were the main goals:

• Make it look totally different- a Next Gen feel
• Use Picture-in-Picture technology to provide On-Demand Content
• Give Hardcore Players More Options including Substitutions
• Provide simpler play calling for less experienced users
• No More Pausing! Integrate pause menu options
• Improve the Bluff System (hiding plays)
• Provide Shortcuts to commonly used functions such as Replay and "Challenge Play"
• Incorporate Instant Replay (this was a stretch goal)

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