UGO: Battlefield: Bad Company hands-on preview

UGO writes: "Digital Illusions CE's Battlefield series has long been a staple of online gaming. Featuring massive environments, a diverse cross-section of vehicles and arcade-like physics which keeps the action moving at a rapid clip, Battlefield has managed to carve out a comfortable little niche for itself in the multiplayer space. But we're not here to talk about online gaming today.

Battlefield: Bad Company is DICE's latest effort, a new evolution for the series which strips down the online play to its bare essentials and adds in a single-player campaign to go along with it. With little more than a week to go until Bad Company arrives on shelves, we offer this final glimpse of the game's solo play. And while it may not be the second coming of Call of Duty 4, Bad Company does offer far more than a simple training arena for online play."

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