PLAY review: Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII

PLAY have had the game which largely introduced the West to the role-playing game, they've had the sequel in the form of the film Advent Children and they've had the horribly awful thing that was Dirge Of Cerberus. And to finish off the Compilation Of Final Fantasy VII they've got the prequel annoyingly constrained to the PSP.

Obviously, Crisis Core is an RPG and RPGs are games that traditionally you spend a lot of time on, it's possible to log well over 100 hours in Final Fantasy XII alone. But when you're playing an RPG on the PlayStation 2 or the PlayStation 3 you can do it in opulence, stretched out on the sofa in front of a big television and a bucket of crisps and biscuits within scooping distance. And this makes the RPG experience very pleasant indeed.

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