Sony: Second PS3 Shipment Has Landed

Sony Computer Entertainment of America's Dave Karraker confirms that a new shipment of Playstation 3s has landed and will be available at stores by Black Friday.

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Grown Folks Talk4382d ago

gamestop/eb games will be using those shipments to fullfill pre-orders. better hit up wal-mart, best buy, circuit city, ect. if you want 1 of them.

power of Green 4382d ago

Air lifting is Cool!!!/off the chain!!!.

PS360PCROCKS4382d ago

yep I need to go get one so I can sell it

shoota334382d ago

Yeah go ahead buy one and sell it you are still giving money to sony and contributing to the ps3 sales lol.

bung tickler4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

umm you couldnt be more wrong, sony loses ~$300 on each system sold. you are so dumb, you would think that with being as big a sony fanboy loser as you are you would know that. so if i were to buy a ps3, sell it for a $2000 profit, i would in no way be helping sony, all i would be doing is costing someone dumb fanboy butt loads more money, so much so that they probably wont have any money left over to buy any games or more importantly in sonys eyes, [email protected] movies. and that in turn would make it harder for sony to get back thier ~$300 loss from the system i turned around and sold.

Shadow4381d ago

Good luck selling on EBay now, its a buyer's market. Some PS3's are actually starting to go MSRP + Shipping.

DEIx15x84382d ago

I wander what the best way to top the mania of the PS3 launch would be. Hmm, I've got it what if we combine it with the craziness of Black Friday, that should hurt at least 50 people this time.

HyperBear4382d ago

We are actually getting our next shipment of PS3's on Thursday, because we are Canadiasn and we dont have a holiday that day, so there giving us some, not many. The Best Buy im working at is only getting like 12-60GB and like 6-20GB, not that many, but still its some right?

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The story is too old to be commented.