New We Move: Pain vs Pleasure trailer - sexual social networking on Wii?

PheroseSoft, the ex-Rockstar and EA employees currently working on Wii Move(now changed to We Move, it appears) a Balance Board compatible game for WiiWare, have launched a rather kinky new trailer for the title.

A woman is seen bearing a whip and going "one on one" with a man, pourung candle wax into his mouth.

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love juice3836d ago

wow, what kind of game are they trying to sell here ? It's kinda like Wii fit meets bondage ala Dominatrix chic . I am very curious as to see what they have in store for this title ???????

jedistev3836d ago

gotta see what it like ..maybe it's should be fun

Smacktard3836d ago

That looks weird as hell. And stupid. And not fun.

BrotherNick3836d ago

LOL, my gf would probably like this. >.>;

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