Way of the Samurai 3 New PS3 Screens

Worthplaying: "While there is no official announcement yet, Acquire is developing the next installment in the Way of the Samurai franchise, currently only scheduled for release in Japan this fall. Way of the Samurai 3 will feature over 100 weapons for you to wield in defense of the poor, lonely, while fending off rivaling samurai clans."

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Silogon3836d ago

Those are not next gen graphics. I laugh everytime I see these.

TheHater3836d ago

I have to agree. Or this might be a PSN download or something. But I don't see how a game on the ps3 after these pass two years can look that bad.

highdro3836d ago

after seeing what te ps3 can do with MGS4 do u think i am really going to by this game that looks so last year graphics ?

Rikitatsu3836d ago

If you buy games based on graphics, then you shouldn't call yourself a gamer

Way of the samurai games have the best Combat system in any action RPG to date

Hydrolex3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

did you copy my name ?

The game doesn't look good anyway.

Kaneda3836d ago

I hope this is early stage of the game.. but the graphic sucks! that sucks they cancelled Eight days and The Getaway and concentrate on this.. :)

kingOVsticks3836d ago

the way of the samurai games are so much fun pick your own kendo style,different weapons choices,different endings etc I hope they take advantage of the PS3 blu ray disc and fit in as many different possible ending as possible instead of the typical good guy,neutral guy,bad guy.
Speaking of samurai games SE needs to bring back bushido blade from the dead that game was awesome!

voice_of_ reason3836d ago

Man, I completely agree with you, Bushido Blade was an awesome game... way ahead of its time. You ever play Kengo for the ps2? That game was pretty good too.

INehalemEXI3836d ago

Yup, I been waiting for Bushido Blade 3 too.

MK_Red3836d ago

Wow, those graphics look more suitable for PSP. Seriously, even Wii can have such graphics.

I know graphics are not everything and Way of Samurai games are a good series that are about gameplay but the devs really should work a bit more on visuals of their game.

Alexander Roy3836d ago

I'd rather see they invest most of the development time and money into the gameplay and then upgrade the graphics as far as possible. Good graphics alone don't make a game, hence why people still play the original Super Mario Bros.

MK_Red3836d ago

True but SMB's graphics were insane when they came out.
Also, perfect graphics and gameplay are better than just perfect gameplay. A still popular game like COD4 had both.

Still, nothing beats true gameplay. As I said, Mario Bros had superb and smooth graphics when it came out for NES. My example would be Fallout 2 which had pretty weak graphics even for 1998 but it's still my all time fave game and I still have it installed on my current system and play it from time to time :)
Gameplay indeed is more important but come on... those shots were too lacking IMO.

KillaManiac3835d ago

Graphics aren't everything, which is why Disgaea 3 is easily one of my most anticipated games this year. (Level 9999 and stuff I can never accomplish FTW!)

Egzekutor3836d ago

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams (PS2) looks much better than this..

This game's graphics are ....... i cant find the words to express my feelings right now.. Get the fuk out with this sh1t game...

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The story is too old to be commented.