EDGE Preview: Mafia II

"We have done our best to keep in spirit with reality, but it's not our main criteria for Mafia II. Gameplay and fun outweigh reality." So says 2K Czech's Lucas Kure, senior producer on the sequel to the open-world period action adventure from 2002.

Fidelity to reality was perhaps that first game's most striking feature, occasionally at the expense of actually being a pleasurable experience. The cars' handling was perhaps a little too credibly rickety for the period in which it was set, and maybe the police a little too diligent in punishing speeding. You could even run out of fuel. How far the sequel pursues realism is a big question.

"We are in the middle of balancing gameplay where disobeying the speed limit is concerned," says Kure. "It won't be so difficult to get rid of the consequences. Players will be provided with alternatives to escaping by car to lose the police."

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MizzRock3656d ago

Grr sounds frustrating, if your trying to do a mission or w.e they are called,and your stopped by the police? Sigh...