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Die Hard 4 director gets Gears of War Movie

With the scriptwriter from Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Len Wiseman, the chap behind vampire flick Underworld and Die Hard 4, is preparing to direct a movie based on Gears of War. (Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Industry, Xbox 360)

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socomnick  +   2283d ago
I loved die hard 4 I hope he turns the gears of war movie into a Hollywood blockbuster.
dachiefsman  +   2283d ago
i was a fan of Die Hard as well. Hopefully they don't eff this up!
Altis1  +   2283d ago
I hope they cast Kate Beckinsale as Anya.
Fototherapist  +   2283d ago
What about...
Vin Diesel as Marcus? Maybe Christian from Batman Begins. I'd like to see Naomi Watts as Anya. Michael Clark Duncan could play the big black dude (soultrain? night train?).
socomnick  +   2282d ago
hell I hope they cast kate bekingsale as my wife in real life.
OpiZA  +   2283d ago
Awesome :)
turbidDwarf  +   2283d ago
I really don't think this movie should come out before the third Gears of War. If so, they'd have to split it up, because you know how Hollywood is; always a happy ending!
IzKyD1331  +   2283d ago
awesome profile avatar lol
MK_Red  +   2283d ago
I hope they dan't make Gears of War movie a f***** PG-13 flick... like Die Hard 4.
Seriously, I'm still angry about the PG-13 Die Hard 4. Gears movie better be a hard R.
dachiefsman  +   2283d ago
i don't see how it could not be honestly MK. Although Die Hard 4 wasn't R, it was still a pretty decent flick.
MK_Red  +   2283d ago
I know and I agree that Die Hard 4 was decent BUT was it a Die Hard movie? NO!!!
Sure, nothing can be the original Die Hard but Die Harder and With Vengence still has some Die Hard left in them with their R rating and a "Yippi K... Mother******" that you could clearly hear without being PG-13ized.
shadowxcore  +   2283d ago
although it die hard 4 was a good film, the lack of blood in the movie is what made it pg-13.
In the case of of gears movie, i would MUCH rather see tons of blood and chainsaws, than big helicopter explosions, car chases, and the mentioning of 1/2 of a curse word.
MK_Red  +   2283d ago
shadowxcore, not just blood. Die Hard 4 lack the signature McClain swearing, fully "yippy..." and he wasn't on drugs. Plus, he used to get really beaten up and bloody in previous films but not here :(

Although I'm a natural Gore-hound, I think even without that some movies like Die Hard HAVE to be R like the games that have to be M, like Gears or Mortal Kombat... wait, scratch the last one. Those idiots are making a T rated MK game :(
shadowxcore  +   2283d ago
agreed MK.
you are sharpening my blunt, but necessary, point.
OOG  +   2283d ago
MK is right....kudos
MK_Red  +   2283d ago
Thanks guys. Kudos to you too :)
Stephen Colbert  +   2283d ago
Fo' sho MK knows whats up...
This better be a damn borderline NC-17 amount of gore haha.

Actually I doubt even with chainsaws they could top some of Hollywood's crap shock movies...(Hostel, Saw, etc.)
mepsipax  +   2283d ago
Um, heres an idea
Why don't they create a CG movie (that will take a while) with all original voice actors, same basic character models and even a few levels stay the same, then we'll talk, but live action GOW how the hell would that work, the guys in GOW are like 4 feet high and 7 feet wide. They would create a movie just for the fans of the series, gory as hell, mindless violence, repetive gameplay, purty graphix. Hell I'd watch it. Oh and don't forget the corny ass dialogue.
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InMyOpinion  +   2283d ago
Haley Joel Osment would be perfect as Master Chief.

He so bad...
MK_Red  +   2283d ago
Master Chief of Marcus Fenix?
Wise Rant Monkey  +   2283d ago
<Haley Joel Osment...Master Chief...wtf?)
<I see dead covenant)
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InMyOpinion  +   2283d ago
Oh, my bad. Spoiler alert!

I meant Adam Sandler would be perfect as Marcus Fenix. He can do his funny voices & act like a retard & make millions of dollars.

He such an actor...
dachiefsman  +   2283d ago
what language are you speaking in?

Like I have said before. I like things visceral bloody and voilent so yea I was disappointed it was pg-13. The movie still impressed me though. The new gears can't possible be good without being R.
MK_Red  +   2283d ago
dachiefsman, I also liked that film but as a normla action film not a Die Hard film. Seriously, poor McClain couldn't use drugs or swear like he used too...

As for making an PG-13 Gears movie, nothing is impossible from darn hollywood :(
They did make PG-13 Mortal Kombat movies!
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meepmoopmeep  +   2283d ago
he's a good director, i'm sure gears will be fine with him directing.

what a lucky freak to be married to kate beckinsale.
InMyOpinion  +   2283d ago
This whole "lets-kill-a-franchise-by -making-a-crappy-movie-adaptat i on" seems popular nowadays. Will they ever learn?

Why not have Michael Bay directing a Halo movie? Will Smith could play Master Chief. Jerry Bruckheimer could produce it. Also, let's make it PG 13. Explosions + CGI > manuscript.

Let's kill everything that made the game good.
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DarkSniper  +   2283d ago
This shouldnt come as a shock to anyone. In the beginning part of Die Hard 4, you can clearly see Gears of War being played on the monitor.

Deadman64  +   2283d ago
Very True.
TwentyForePlay  +   2283d ago
Dude, Zack Snyder should do Gears of War. Look at his films - 300 and Dawn of the Dead. Gears is no action only. It's a SciFi thriller + a lot of gore and brutality. Zach fits that more than Len Wiseman could ever. I'll be pissed if Gears is so action-like. I'd rather go in to see the brutality and bloodshed in the movie than to see some action-like film with massive explosive minus the bloodshed. I recall that BS.
IaMs12  +   2282d ago
I pretty much argree on that, Gears of war movie to me should resemble the movies like 300 or Frank millers Sin City. Little color like the game cept for some, which would to me give it the same look as the game...
moses  +   2283d ago
Mariusz Pudzianowski would definitley make the best Marcus.

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Kami  +   2283d ago
check this one out

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InMyOpinion  +   2283d ago
Mariusz > Batista.

Wrestling is for kids & retards(same thing really..).
tweaker  +   2283d ago
I'm guessing the Production is providing steroids?
PS3ALLDAY122  +   2283d ago
The playa  +   2283d ago
Shouldnt you guys be watching mgs4??? lol
dachiefsman  +   2283d ago
that was funny....
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2283d ago
You are trying waaaaaaaayy too hard.
highdro  +   2283d ago
i would like to watch gears the movie,...i just hope they do not turn it into a pop flick and keep it reall and hardcore like the gears of war game
bigrob123  +   2283d ago
i know i might get some dissagrees but dose any one elss think batista from wwe could make a gd marcous feenix ? let me know
carlos305xp  +   2283d ago
question is: can he act?....personally id rather see someone else...like Mickey Rourke(Marv from Sin City) or maybe even Bruce Willis even tho he is nearly 50
Fototherapist  +   2283d ago
If you start putting in no talent wrestlers in a big budget movie, it will be hard for the audience to take it seriously. Look at all the badass scifi/fantasy movies that did well critically and commercially: Star Wars, Aliens, Star Trek, LOTR, etc. They all had Oscar worthy actors in them. You can't skimp on the talent. The only exception I can think of would be Jesse "the body" Ventura in Predator.
carlos305xp  +   2283d ago
too bad Stuart Beattie's script was discarded. He did an amazing job on the first Pirates of The Carribean and don't forget that he also did the screenplay for Collateral. Its a shame they brought on someone else to write the script. But, who knows?? Maybe it'll be pretty good.
Rhezin  +   2283d ago
see! Gears of War is THAT good
they makes movies off of it. You'd NEVER see that with a sh!tty ps3 game. MGS4 even isn't that entertaining, you don't see them making a movie off of snake. IT'S ALL ABOUT 360.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2283d ago
Uhh. You do know that there are big plans for a Metal Gear Solid movie don't you? Not sure how far along in the process they are.
Deadman64  +   2283d ago
I also heard about a splinter cell movie back in the Chaos Theory days...
Tyrael  +   2283d ago
Len Wiseman? Could this mean Kate Beckinsale in a cameo role? God I love her...
tatotiburon  +   2283d ago
bring it on, i love die hard series
OOG  +   2283d ago
well since this guy also did the underworld which I think is really good....and has that dark and bloody feeling to it....he may just pull it off
Bad_Karma  +   2283d ago
If its any good i will buy it on Blu-ray .
KidMakeshift  +   2283d ago
Underworld 2 was good and that's how I imagine the Gears of War movie would look like
running rampid  +   2282d ago
i personally think that Batista would be better suited to playing Dom. As for the movie i can't wait hope it's not a flick my nine year old brothers' allowed to watch.
bigrob123  +   2282d ago
i wouldnt say hes got no talent he did quite well in smallvill but to be honest i was'nt talking about his acting hes got the right look and he looks similer to feenix i think he could pull off the role quite well but thats just me who ever they get has to look the part im sure there are plenty who can look like feenix

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