Screenshots & Video of HD4000 Ruby tech demo

A collection of 20 screenshots taken from the new Ruby tech demo of AMD's Radeon HD 4000 series.

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Extreme_Coolcat3835d ago

If this is real-time, this demo beats the Medusa from Nvidia by quite a margin.

ryuyasho3835d ago

the ATi Radeon HD3870 x2 Overclocked ED, and I'm just wondering if I can run it, any info will be appreciated. ;)

NRG3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Depends on whether or not the installation of the demo checks for and requires a HD 4000 card. Otherwise, you'll probably be free to try.

whateva3835d ago

thinks to myself how did this game get a 10 for graphics?

N4g_null3835d ago

I've been saying this for a while if you want to see what is about to be possible just go here.

This is just one of the tools used in HD gaming and here we go Movie CGI effects. 6 million polygons is nothing and is needed to add the details. Then the shader passes and color calcs going on all in real time.

The next gen is going to be great once this is afforable. I know I'll be getting this stuff. I've been asking 3d apps makers for these features for forever. The cell could not even come close to that ati and nvidia are graphics man. intel is going to have some problems breaking into this market.

diegodon3834d ago

How does this compare to the new GTX 280?