Next-Gen Info War

The Next-Gen Infowar will be a long-running series of articles discussing a variety of topics, from Sony business tactics to Microsoft's overall plan with the Xbox brand. Part I will be focusing on Sony and the tactics they have employed since the turn of the century.

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marcusfenix4402d ago

Read this article, it is extremely true!!!

My favorite part is where the EXCLUSIVE Assassins Creed was being run under a sheet on a 360, bad thing is it was Sony showing everyone the power of the PS3.

PS3 and Sony are going to get their A$$E$ HANDED TO THEM THIS TIME AROUND!!!

Aflac4402d ago

...the sony blackmail i mean...i was not surprised...

DEIx15x84401d ago

Very good article that everyone should read. The only thing that it fails to mention is that these tactics have been proven to of been used in all fields of Sony's business.