How Sony lost the handheld gaming war

Sales of the PSP aren't bad, and in Japan, it's been a sizeable success. So why is Sony's PSP being deemed a failure, and what actually went wrong?

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qface643830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

i played all of the big games and my psp just sits there collecting dust well not really my lil bro still uses it to play old ps1 and game boy games i haven't gotten anything for the psp in a long time besides as long as they make money who cares what place you come in

Domenikos3830d ago

With 30 mill + handhelds sold and counting?

Sony did a great job if we consider its their first handheld.

They prepared everything for the PSP 2

mikeslemonade3830d ago

It's not a failure because this is Sony's first real attempt to get a dedicated machine into the handheld game market. It's profitable and is on pace to sell as much as the PS1. It doesn't have to beat the DS to be a success. Nintendo has been doing this since 1989 with the Gameboy and PSP is the only system to come into the handheld market and take a big share out of it.

CrazzyMan3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

PSP was FIRST Sony hanheld system, and it debuted pretty WELL.

It`s just that DS was MORE casual friendly, that`s why it doing better.
Moreover, 3rd party software sales both SUX on DS and PSP.
Only games Published by Ninendo sells millions copies, well in 90% cases.
MOST hardcore DS games doesn`t sell on DS.

Tomdc3830d ago

a third of the market is hardly a bad thing. Especially up against nintendo who have dominate the handhold market up till the PSP. I personally prefer the PSP, what it needs is a hard drive now tho, like 30GB or something =) for PSP 2 tht is.

ChampIDC3830d ago

It would be foolish to call it a failure just because the DS is a more polished system that sold better. Nintendo has been doing handhelds since the late 80's. Sony did well for a first try. They just stuck to their console roots a tad too much. I think they'll do better next time. Maybe I'll consider buying the next one if they do well.

season0073830d ago

xbox supporter " xbox has done really well in eating the marketshare of Sony PS brand console"

Well, from what i can see...PSP is actually the first gen of Sony handheld, and it obviously has cutting into nintendo handheld's market for a lot more than both xbox has done...and yet, i don't see people say how xbox lost the console

See brain-washing works in many occasions.

harrisk9543830d ago

The Xbox 360 was only 4,000 units ahead in the May NDP numbers! So, any talk of the PSP's demise is greatly exagerated!!

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RealityCheck3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Well, there is only one handheld that allows me to play games like God of War, Killzone, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII. So I am quite happy that the PSP exists. Could it use more games? Sure. Is it a failure? No, its target market is just smaller than the casual market that's all.

juuken3830d ago

...How is this handheld a failure?

Coke-a-Cola3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Of these silly articles .

I will say .....i never play my PSP when at home . Why Would I . I have a 60 inch Screen and over 80 games. But for traveling it is a dream.

Try it with a BOSE head set ....You will never go back to ear buds.

It puts out a fantastic picture and is the next best thing to the Console experience. ..... Which reminds me , I must get a new PSP . Someone else liked mine so much they stole it.

Wildarmsjecht3830d ago

If it doesn't outsell Nintendo completely by a sizeable amount, regardless of what it's capable of, and all of the pros it has over the DS, the media and "Analysts" will consider it a failure. Why? Because they're morons. If the PSP is a failure, then the Game Gear, Neo Geo, and any other Hand held that tried to take a chunk of Nintendo's domain in the handheld market was more than a failure. it was a steaming pile that came from Cerberus itself, upon which it was stepped on and spit at by Hitler, Stalin, Ivan the terrible and so on and so forth.

Whats my point? When you have a handheld that is recognized by the masses, that is being purchased, and is outselling the competition in its homeland for the first half of the year and continue to do so, its not a failure. In fact it is a success. It's making a profit, it's being brought into homes. It appeals to more than just gamers. It has music capabilities that music junkies (like myself) really enjoy. It has media capabilities, and communcation possibilities that gear/tech heads eat up. Sure the DS is still the market leader. It has brand recognition in terms of handhelds. It has rehashed franchies like Mario and Zelda that fans will buy no matter how many times they've played it and on how many different platforms. It also however, has some really cool games and the dual screen was a good idea. Fact of the matter is, the PSP isn't a failure. It did what it needed to do, and what it's doing now, is a nice bonus for sony.

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