MGS 4; PS3 Attitude Perfect Playthrough Plan

From PS3 Attitude: "This article is intended for anyone who has played through Metal Gear Solid 4 at least once. If you haven't yet completed the game, bookmark this page and return to it after you have finished your first playthrough.

We're trying hard to keep this article 'spoiler free', but there's a chance something you'll read here may ruin your enjoyment of the game if you are a purist - if in doubt, don't read on!"

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BulletToothtony3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

i don't think i would enjoy doing that one :(

DolphGB3833d ago

...but after some more practise you'll be surprised at how achievable it is.

But the Menagerie playthrough is the fun one! :-)

Wildarmsjecht3833d ago

To get the big boss icon by not getting alerted, not killing anyone, not using any special items and beating the game in under 5 hours is ridiculous. you'd have to hella rush, skip all scenes, not get caught, not help militia, and tranq the bosses after defeating them quickly...all on Big Boss mode.

Gimme a month. I'll do it. :D

DolphGB3833d ago

You know you can do it!!!

Even if you only manage some of our Perfect Playthrough items, you'll still get many of the emblems, and the extras that come with some of them...

kingOVsticks3833d ago

thanks man I needed this I plan on getting all the emblems before the inaviable2.40 update the game is so addictive:P Also by any chance can you make another or a new one showing us the perfect play through to getting all weapons like the solar gun and the little secrets you'll find here and there?

DolphGB3833d ago

...we may have another MGS4 article in us yet - you'll have to watch this space and check the website.

The solar gun is a particularly tricky item to get your hands on - but you may just manage it when playing through the Big Boss Hard No-Kill and Boss Extreme playthroughs...

bboybobbins3833d ago

I obtained Big Boss emblem this morning. My playtime was 4:01 (3:44 before credits) so it wasn't too bad^^ The bike escape was definitely the hardest part. And for those stuck at Liquid Ocelot fight.... hit triangle to coax liquid into taunting you back, because whenever he taunts you, you can hit triangle repeatedly, as fast as you can, to recover health. Beat him first try this way :)

Also... if you ever get to a point, like before Raging Raven, where your health may be real low, and a checkpoint just occurred... you can set the date of your PS3 a few days ahead to recover your life to full. It's a trick you could also use against The End in MGS3^^

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Mr PS33833d ago

Made Boss Exterme a little more challenging
Like Do not use Tranq's
Crawl all the way
Take pics of all the PMC's in the Game
Steal Big Momma's Bike
Defeat Liquid with one punch

Now I did all that and had 35 mins to spare !!
So i smoked a ciggy for 30 min's
Thats what i call a challenge

Once you do Boss Extreme you get Big boss's face to use
And once you equip it and approach PMC's they run and cower in fear

supahbad3833d ago

whoa, i knew there were gonna be some tough secrets but wow i hope i can get it all. and did anyone see the little alien crop circle in south america when you're trying to catch up to naomi, what's up wit dat

Knightmare3833d ago

Really needed a good plan and this one is great.

I already started the first one 1. No-kill playthrough with 'Big Boss Hard' mode. I must say it's like playing a different game (although I beat the game 3 times and wasn't killing a lot of enemies), gotta luv MGS re-play value.

Finished the 1st act in 55 mins, is that good? no alerts no killing n' got a lot of DP too :p