Microsoft reveals official boxart for Fable 2

Microsoft reveals official boxart for Fable 2

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Superfragilistic3831d ago

As a hardcore gamer the cover looks a lot more serious and that's a good thing. But for Mums and Dads buying over Christmas it's hardly a welcoming and friendly cover to convince them to buy it for lil' Timmy!

kewlkat0073831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

how about the games with a guy with a guns or a chainsaw in his arms that sell very well during the holidays?,

I doubt moms and pops rely on a case as to what they wanna buy for their kids.

Don't forget, have you ever looked at a cover without looking at the Back cover info/in-game pics? I think most people do..I know I do, before I buy.

The cover is not so different from the original game really....

Altis13831d ago

It is the natural evolution of the first cover art. I kind of like it.

MK_Red3831d ago

This game is NOT family firendly! It's an M rated game and is definitly not for children (Hopefully it doesn't end up with an AO).

Darker cover FTW!

Superfragilistic3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )


Don't get me wrong. I love the cover! :)

But I thought MS was really trying to push the family friendly angle with their Christmas lineup outside of Too Human and Gears. The established hardcore Fable fans will buy it regardless of cover but the less informed consumers will buy largely based on covers... hence their importance. Molyneux has been quite vocal about the streamlined combat system, co-op and scalable difficulty to encourage a more casual crowd to join their hardcore brethren on the couch and online.

Mums and Dads buy based on covers all the time, that recent UK government report on games proved it, and besides how else to explain why crap titles like licensed film games sell? There are many people who very much "judge books by their covers." ;)

Superfragilistic3831d ago


"Hopefully it doesn't end up with an AO."

I doubt it, although the bloodier swordplay, getting bashed up whilst pregnant, prostitutes, online bullying in co-op, STDs and homosexual relationships/marriage are sure to rile American conservatives to no end. :)

kewlkat0073831d ago

there are games with less tasty grandma appeal covers that sell pretty well...haha

MK_Red3831d ago

"the bloodier swordplay, getting bashed up whilst pregnant, prostitutes, online bullying in co-op, STDs and homosexual relationships/marriage are sure to rile American conservatives to no end. :)"

Classic :)

"there are games with less tasty grandma appeal covers that sell pretty well...haha"
Awesome one kewlkat007.

Bubbles for both of you :D

Highwayman3830d ago


We can't get bashed on while pregnant in Fable 2. they pulled the plug on allowing the player to become a prostitute. STDs haven't been confirmed it's just speculation.

This cover has been around for quite a while now. I like it. It's sticking to that fable feel. This is without a doubt my most anticipated game of thei gen of games.

Superfragilistic3830d ago

Well actually Molyneux has confirmed you can fight while pregnant (so being bashed is possible) and that whilst they think some people may be offended they have not yet removed it.

Molyneux has also confirmed the existance of NPC prostitutes (look at the screenshots and artwork) and that if you sleep around, particularly with less wealthy NPCs, your chances of getting sick from "mystery illnesses" increase.

As far as working as a prostitute, I wouldn't have a clue. I never said that nor to my knowledge has Molyneux... Although I'd laugh if you could! lol

The game is going to be fantastic either way

Highwayman3830d ago

While they haven't removed it. They have changed it up a bit. Perhaps I should've been more clear. The pregnacy goes by really, really fast now to avoid conflict. Lionhead confrimed that on their community site.
As I've stated STDs have not been confirmed as of yet. No one really knows if you can contract an STD or not. As Lionhead themsleves haven't comfirmed it as being in the final build, everything else is speculation. Yes, we were to be able to have a job as a prostittue but they pulled the plug on that one. Yes, we can still shack up with prostitutes, but even this won't merit an A-O rating.
Not saying that you're directly impliing that it will...but just putting it out there.
The game will be fantasic indeed.

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MK_Red3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Reminds me of the original's art but still, pretty classy. Definitly one of my top 3 most anticipated 2008 games.

Altis13831d ago

Yeah. Aside from Oblivion, this is the only RPG I care about. Keep in mind that I never played Fallout, but I am looking foward to its release.

MK_Red3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Hopefully we can both enjoy both Fable 2 and Fallout 3 :)
Fallout is the true classic. The new one will be much simpler and weaker but still, Fallout RULES!

Superfragilistic3831d ago

If we're just talking western RPG's I'm going to throw in Too Human (come on it's Silicon Knights!), Dragon Age (Bioware!) and maybe a Kotor 3/Jade Empire 2/Mass Effect 2?

Either way I think we're all going to be tremendously spoilt with quality RPGs this year. :)

Altis13831d ago

Damn I almost forgot about Too Human.

Highwayman3830d ago

RPGs I'm looking forward to.....
Fable 2
Fallout 3
Too Human
anything from Bioware. Though who knows when we'll get ahold of Dragon Age or any other.
I only like WRPGs. I could never get into JRPGs.

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RAM MAGNUMS3831d ago

There is a huge difference in the graphics from resistance and fable 2.
Now, Im not comparing the genres but an xbox game like fable 2 shows that its coming straight from the pc and those graphics are outdated.
My reason for resistance being mentioned is: Its the sequel and its still very early for the ps3.
Meaning, why doesnt fable 2 look better if xbox 360 has been around for a whole year and a half?
Is this the best this xbox can do?
I hope not cause if so...
Its over.

GiantEnemyCrab3830d ago

have you seen the Fable 2 gameplay footage that is available?

What looks so bad about it? I think there just isn't enough to call it one way or another.

Take a look at Warhound or the new Farcry 2 and tell me that the 360 is slacking in any way. From what I've seen of R2 it's looking flat.

SilPho3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Reminds me of Folklore's box to be honest. (Not that it's necessarily a bad thing)

Superfragilistic3831d ago

Which in turn reminds me of the original Fable cover! lol

Folklore was a lot of fun though and deserved far more than its paltry sales of 200K... lets hope the similarities with Fable 2 end with the cover! lol

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