Ashen Empires Spring Update Released and Screens

Iron Will Games today announced the release of the latest update to Ashen Empires, a classic fantasy MMORPG. The update focuses on the struggle between good King Lotor and the fallen Knight, Talazar. As part of this battle, players may now pledge their allegiance to one side or the other and participate in server-wide city sieges. The update has also brought a PVP Island. Once an entrance fee has been paid contestants are sent to the remote island where they must battle their way to the top in an anything goes free for all competition. Players can earn tokens by defeating another player. There's no limit on how much can be won, as time on the island ends when a player leaves willingly or is eliminated. In addition to Faction and PVP content, the game now boasts new art for the grass and trees, several new quests, and additional starting area content. Check the screenshots for a before and after update comparison.

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