Untold Legends Dark Kingdom Original Music Composed By Laura Karpman

Emmy Award-winning composer creates epic score featuring medieval poetry adaptions for PLAYSTATION 3 launch title.

Four-time Emmy award-winning composer Laura Karpman (EverQuest II, Steven Spielberg's TAKEN) has written the original music for UNTOLD LEGENDS DARK KINGDOM, the action-RPG launch title for the PlayStation 3. The fantasy score was recorded in Prague with the FILMharmonic Orchestra and Choir, with Karpman conducting. The lyrics sung by the choir were adapted by Karpman from portions of the medieval poetry text "William Wallace" in Middle Scots - the literary source for the legend of "Braveheart" - and woven into the score to complement the game's intriguing narrative and dramatic storyline.

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...but this game is such a big turd, you may want any record of having worked on it, wiped from your portfolio. :o