10 Upcoming PS3 Games that'll Turn You On

From gameplayer... "2008 has been dubbed the 'Year of the PS3', and owners of Sony's next-gen console are finally getting the quality games they deserve."

Here are 10 in particular that will really turn you on.

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Superfragilistic3832d ago

Clever article. Titles named are as follows:

Little Big Planet
Killzone 2
Resistance 2
Resident Evil 5
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
PixelJunk Monsters Encore
Guitar Hero World Tour
Rock Band

joydestroy3832d ago

thanks for posting that because i can't seem to get the site to load any pages after the first.

KidMakeshift3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I doubt Shiki-Tei will be released outside of Japan.
I'm getting it through my Japanese PSN account since I'm into niche titles

I also have Dark Mist and I think It might be released outside of Japan (came out last Nov.) since there's no dialogue and the in-game text is in English. It's great. It's a really pretty Zelda 1 with valkyrie characters and cool boss fights

Seraphim3832d ago

doubt I'll be turned on by any of those games. Certainly be stoked to get my hands on some of them. But about half that list can be nixed. Toss Infamous into one of those spots while your at it...

fox023832d ago

The PS3 is a very good hardware; but as a (j)RPG fan, my heart goes to the 360 at the moment.

None of thoses listed games [turned me on].

KidMakeshift3832d ago


Hey don't forget about White Knight Story. If it's anything like that first gameplay video, it might be better than any of the 360 exclusives.

I'm definitely looking forward to Tales of Vesperia though

RealityCheck3832d ago

@fox02, while I am looking forward to 6 of those titles in the genre of shooters\racers, I do agree with you that as a JRPG fan it has been disappointing so far. On the PS3, only Folklore so far was interesting in this genre and only as an action-RPG. I must say however that it's not limited to the PS3.

The Wii only had Zelda so far as an action-RPG (and even that is available on the last-gen Gamecube). As for the 360, I was disappointed with Blue Dragon and Lost Odysee, they did not thrill me and captivate me like the great JRPGs of last generation; so in that sense I am disappointed of JRPG for all consoles at the moment. I had to go replay some PS2 JRPG in the meantime to get "my fix" of this genre.

deeznuts3832d ago

I'm looking forward to Valkyrie. Where is Valkyrie on that list?

ASTAROTH3832d ago

Maybe a brand new 12 inches double vibration function... Wii-MOTE could turn you on!! LOL!!

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badz1493832d ago

especially the exclusives have always turned me ON! that's why I bought a PS3 in the first place!! so far, I have 14 games and I've finished most of them!

goldenzealot3832d ago

ps3 already had the best game its gonna release so none of those games interest me much

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3832d ago

...Er erm...NOPE! Can't think of any!!! ;-D

user8586213832d ago

ur tellin me a big bear and his little chicken friend won't turn u on ;) lmao!!!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3832d ago

Good one!!!;-D

No LBP's Sack-boy and Sack-girls turn me on!!!;-D

Egzekutor3832d ago

I am one of the biggest Resident Evil fans.. cant wait until #5..
Then it would be Killzone2 , Resistance 2 and LPB :)

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