Interview: Bushnell and the Big Screen writes: "Atari founder and videogame icon Nolan Bushnell is pretty happy that an Oscar-winning actor will interpret his life. More from the godfather of games within…

Nolan Bushnell's story is heading to the big screen, courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way production house has cultivated a story by screenwriters Brian Hecker and Craig Sherman that finally won over Bushnell. The film will follow Bushnell's life journey from engineering student to the godfather of videogames as the man who launched Atari.

When it comes to the Oscar-winning DiCaprio playing Bushnell, the videogame icon said, "Well, he's a tremendous talent. I'm really flattered. Any time my name can be associated with Leonardo...I'm honored."

Although gamers probably wonder "what took them so long" in finally bringing the story of Atari's meteoric rise and historic fall to the big screen, Bushnell said it hasn't been from a lack of Hollywood trying. They just hadn't tried hard enough."

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