Bourne Conspiracy Review - 7/10 - "very well designed hand-to-hand combat"

Gameplayer has gone live with their reveiw of The Bourne Conspiracy game, based in and around the famous film series. While they loved the combat engine, they ultimately believed the game lacked the depth in other areas to be a classic.

"Another strange design decision is the inclusion of something called the "Bourne Instinct", which in effect works like a mutant superpower. Pressing the Y button switches your view to a kind of heat vision, allowing you to spot enemies more easily, as well as highlight hidden items and usable objects. We can't help but feel that this is just a bit unnecessary. The last time we checked, Jason Bourne wasn't a member of the X-Men. Surely there was a way of incorporating this kind of gameplay mechanic without resorting to something that breaks the laws of Ludlum's universe."

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