The user reviews of Destiny are proof that Metacritic needs to go away

GameZone's Lance Liebl: "Metacritic is the worst. I really do hate it. I hate review scores to begin with, but I have to live with the fact that people want a quick, easy way of seeing how a game is without reading. I get the need for scores. But I still hate them. What I even hate more is when a game like Destiny, which takes more than 10 hours to review, has over half of its user reviews rated '0' after 10 hours. A zero. Zero. That makes Destiny the worst game of all-time."

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Riggans421557d ago

We see this for every AAA game release. That's why I don't go to Metacritic.

vishmarx1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

its just the user column like always.
any AAA, and its cool to hate it.
bring the most turd-like janky ass obscure game and users scores float above 8 always

but then again its activision's fault in leaving the critic review section empty.
they should of seen it coming.

not saying the game is great or anything, but its obvious most of them arent giving a fair judgement

Boody-Bandit1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Metacritic has always been a joke. There is no set criteria to which sites they put into their overall ratings. There are some really bad extreme bias sites that notoriously are harsh on games for no reason other than to garner attention.

There are also a lot of credible sites that write excellent reviews that aren't a part of Metacritic.

Either or none of it really matters to me. I only view certain reviews from a select few sites and outlets and I don't care at all about the number or grade they give any game. I just view them for the content of the game. I am always and forever will be the opinion of one, my own. So no review sways me one way or the other.

I educate myself, watch developer interviews, play the demos if they are made available or rent from GF if I'm not 100% sold on a game the day it's released. If I end up liking the game and want to keep it? I pay GF and they send me the box and manual a couple days later. Plus I save $15-20 off full MSRP from being a member for years. Can't beat that.

Personally I think they should either do away with ratings or the industry should set parameters that all sites have to follow if they want review copies of their games.

GiggMan1557d ago

I can't believe people actually take the time to write user reviews. It's something I'd never think to do. I would rather play games in my free time instead of pretending to be a journalist or sway others opinion. You're not getting paid and your opinion doesn't mean anything.

I guess it's just me.

MrPink20131557d ago

I keep thinking of that restaurant that tried to sue a reviewer for a bad review. It would be funny if Activision tried to sue some of these people.

This is one of the glaring problems with the Internet. No accountability. Of course we all should be able to voice our opinions but many of these people should be removed from the Internet.

Army_of_Darkness1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Half the user reviews are nothing but a bunch of idiots. I can't understand how they would think that anyone would take them serious rating any AAA GAME a 0/10 to A 3/10?! lIKE wtf?! There are some bad AAA games out there, but I don't think any of them so far deserve anything less than a 5/10... and the user's reasoning for the low score usually is just plain hate and stupidity.

The so called professional critics(like IGN & gamespot) ain't that bad compared to them now that I think about it LOL!

Mr Pumblechook1557d ago

Half the hate reviews are from nerds angry about the Destiny - PlayStation 4 partnership. I don't recall this happening with Activision's other big game, Call of Duty.

darthv721557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

@chook, it happens to CoD every release. That game just gets hated on for being "Call of Duty"

If this game were exclusive then i can see the nerd rage but it isnt exclusive so that makes no sense.

the hate must be coming from those who really have no interest in Destiny to begin with, regardless of platform. There will be those who just flat out want to hate on something they have no interest in.

It's one of those circle of life things.

AndrewLB1557d ago

Yet so many people here use metacritic scores as justification for their belief that TLOU is the greatest game of all time. Hypocrites.

wsoutlaw871557d ago

no one ever references metacritic user ratings for anything

Hold_It1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

It's fine. Anytime a new game comes out and actually tries to be innovative in any sense it more than likely gets downplayed. A personal favorite of mine being Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 and the first LoS game. IGN, Gameinformer and everyone else bashed it way too hard and gave it a 5/10. If I listened to their reviews I would have never had the pleasure to experience such a great game.

Bottom line being, play what you like and like what you play and don't let someone with a paid opinion tell you what to buy or what to enjoy. An open mind is usually the best one to have.

user55757081556d ago

what baffles me is that there were people who thought those reviews were helpful.

either way i wouldnt go by these reviews because most of them are obvious trolls

Conzul1556d ago


Well, TLOU IS the best game of all time.

That Metacritic agrees is purely coincidental. It's not cus they have their shit together.

guitarded771556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Two truths in gaming.

1. Metacritic sucks.

2. YouTube is not a viable source for comparison videos.

Personally, I enjoyed the Alpha and Beta for Destiny. Started playing as soon as I got home from work today, and still enjoying it. I've been farting around exploring Earth all day, but plan to venture into new territory tomorrow.

donthate1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Actually playing the game, I see some of their point so these at least some of the user reviews aren't just haters. Put simply these are some of the more useful and reasonable "user reviews" I have seen!

I like metacritic despite it's flaws, and find that combined from their professional review is very close in the ball park of where I would give the game my score.

If you don't like it, don't use it. Problem solved!

I think it is more concerning that this game has been gold for some time, but reviewers haven't had a chance to review them earlier because Activision/Bungie sat on it and consumers are buying this game uninformed.

Why more isn't said about that in the media is disturbing to me. That used to be a huge deal, and instead we are worried about user reviews. Really?

UltraNova1556d ago


Those so called professionals are the worst of all. If I see any Destiny/Activision ads on any of them I wont even read past the headline...this may sound a bit harsh but I lost my trust in them long ago. If a game grabs my attention through some gameplay trailers or previews I will give it a try plain and simple.

Dontworrybhappy1556d ago

The game is great. I have been having an absolute blast with friends.

Double Toasted1556d ago

People go to Metacritic for user scores? I would dare to say, you're doing it wrong, it isn't Amazon.

inveni01556d ago

Metacritic is the Rotten Tomato of Games.

tman73021556d ago


"I can't believe people actually take the time to write user reviews. It's something I'd never think to do. I would rather play games in my free time instead of pretending to be a journalist or sway others opinion. You're not getting paid and your opinion doesn't mean anything.

I guess it's just me."

Oh the irony. Let me change a few words to your paragraph if you don't mind for all N4G users. I feel this really makes sense.

I can't believe people actually take the time to write hateful opinions. It's something I'd never think to do. I would rather play games in my free time instead of pretending to be a fanboy or sway others opinion. You're not getting paid and your opinion doesn't mean anything.

I guess it's just me.


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ThinkThink1557d ago

Everyone has such high expectations for this game and I worry this game will fall victim to the hype train. It's not a bad game by any means, just not as great as we were all hoping it would be. Again, that's not a bad thing, it's ok for a game to not get an 8 or 9. If it's fun, just play it.

Riggans421557d ago

Exactly. Why is it such a big deal if a game isn't a 10? That doesn't mean it isn't fun.

AndrewLB1556d ago

^^^ Because all PS4 games MUST be a 10 or else it's clickbait, xbots, etc manipulating the score. While I agree that there are quiet a few complete trolls trying to manipulate the metacritic score downward, nobody ever mentions that there are PLENTY of fanboys trying to give it a better score than it deserves.

btw... the lack of Day 1 reviews from gaming websites is completely bizarre, and while i've heard the explanation... it just surprises me that these sites would even allow Bungie to control gaming journalism like this. It reminds me of some third world banana republic dictator, or the current President of the United States.

Caffo011556d ago

"Because all PS4 games MUST be a 10 or else it's clickbait, xbots, etc manipulating the score"

you are an idiot... this game is multiplat..
and the 1st comment is from an user that gave 0 to destiny on ps4 and 10 on xbone -.- what is your excuse now?

SoapShoes1557d ago

Just a bunch of Halo fanboys....

TheWatercooler1557d ago

True. Just the xbox fanboys attacking the PS4 version out of jealousy. Then some of the PS supporters respond in kind on the x1 version.

Xbox fanboys are always the ones to provoke these things though. Just look at the PS4 launch when they where on amazon giving out all the 1 star reviews. You have to expect that some ps supporters will respond afterwards and do the same thing.

SoapShoes1557d ago

No I'm serious, we've already seen the Halo fanboys come out of the woodwork on this site, it's no different anywhere else. You can always tell who they are if they're subtle or flat out say MCC owns this. I just hope they are prepared for the backlash when X1 exclusives come out and aren't perfect...

darthv721557d ago

your point could have some validity if the game was only on PS. but seeing that its on multiple systems makes no sense.

SoapShoes1557d ago

@darthv72 - It makes perfect sense! They are trashing it because it is a company who used to be an """Exclusive&qu ot;"" high profile dev on their system that have not only gone multiplatform but given favor to the system they haven't been on for over a decade. This website is all the proof you need, I've seen quite a few people claim this is a flop and to wait for the MCC....

DLConspiracy1557d ago

?? Wouldn't Halo Fanboys be more Xbox Fanboys? The user review has a lower score for the Xbox One than the PS4 score.

@TheWatercooler @SoapShoes

Perhaps it's best not to point fingers considering my statement above and just to leave that crap out of the comments.

mcarsehat1557d ago

I say this every time i read one of these stupid comments, the people that blame fanboys ARE fanboys.

SoapShoes1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Say what you want, I've seen it with my own eyes. I'm not saying it's a perfect game or that everyone hates it is a fanboy, I'm just saying it's quite strong so far with people hating on it who obviously haven't played it. You can tell dude, I mean you can just tell the bogus stories from the real ones. They are so pathetic. Even the stealth trolls it's easy to tell who is real or not and someone who genuinely doesn't like the game gives reasons but doesn't trash it or belittle it. There are more fakes on this site than real today.

As for my personal opinion on the game? I liked the beta but I haven't played enough of the full game to give a judgement. I'm only level 4 and no where near finished. I will have an opinion on if it's overhyped once I complete the game.

Shadonic1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

NOpe ran into some Halo fans ( I'm one as well but got on ps4 first ) Their excited for Destiny just as much if not more then i was, the guys I ran into knew as much as me even went and looked at reddit as much as i did really cool people we joked around and what not until i came out.

Would be better to just put it on them as childish and ignorant gamers. Destiny isn't incredibly amazing but its good to me so far definitely miles better than what We've got out of other FPS games so far this year. Actually really surprising to see people pushing so much hate on this when BF4 and COD Ghosts were just horribly done.

MSBAUSTX1556d ago

The game, for what it is, is a really good game. Halo is also a really great game and series. If they are both great why can't we all just enjoy which one we want to and leave it at that? This crap is ridiculous. I am a big Halo Fanboy and don't care one way or another if Bungie makes Halo or this game at all. They are different games. I can like them both.

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Shadonic1557d ago

Exactly what I've been saying, using that was a legitimate reason to dislike or call any type of media trash is just incredibly stupid.

u got owned1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

User review sections are full of haters and trolls and its not only on Metacritics.

DLConspiracy1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

These are User Reviews the writer is referring to anyway... Which basically means little kids with agendas, bored online goers and joe schmoe (who doesn't write reviews or perhaps even know what a review is) chiming in.

Critic reviews are only good to those who value the critic anyway. Just because metacritic groups all them into one neat place doesn't mean that every review on metacritic is bad... It just means hey here is where you can go to find critics reviews that may or may not resonate with you best. Find one you agree with for future releases.

Simple as that.

Magicite1557d ago

I think N4G has best combination of all reviews, metacritic doesnt stand close, just look - 584 reviews for TLOU!

MSBAUSTX1556d ago

N4G is only a great place to read some news, awesome online arguments, and watch immature people go off on each other because they don't like the same thing that the other likes. It is not the best combination of all reviews. Not even close.

People on this website can be incredibly extreme to one side or the other and will rip a person apart if they don't agree with them completely. That is not the best way to get objective criticism on a particular game.

Do you know who is the best source of whether a game is good or not?


RosweeSon1557d ago

I always use metacritic as it's a great way to get an average for a game, sure you'll always get 0/10's and 10/10's no one ever been on the App Store it's exactly the same some people dead against some totally for it and normally a tad biased but you don't go there for the clearly deranged or biased reviews just get a good idea of the general thoughts, still gotta make your own mind up if you have one I know that's too much to ask for some people haha but of course don't take it all a gospel but generally you can get a good idea of a game through metacritic be it's the description of the game a selection of a critic reviews and a selection of the user reviews just look at the average scores and not the fully with or against reviews they generally have ulterior motives ;)

starchild1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

The user reviews are absolutely worthless. Too many fanboys in gaming. It ruins everything and makes things like user reviews totally unreliable.

Most user reviews on metacritic are either super low or super high. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all have different tastes and all that, but that extreme polarization is due to fanboyism and mindless hate-mongering pure and simple.

conanlifts1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

I agree, metacritic just needs to be avoided. I remember looking at reviews for Titanfall and many people gave it 0. Some of these reviewers had never played the game (jumping on the hate wagon), others just gave ludicrous reasons for giving the game 0. Some of the best were along the lines of "limited game modes mean that I doubt I will play this game for much more than 20 hours, thats a joke so I give it 0" . Anyone playing a game that they score a 0 on, for more than an hour or two, is truly wasting their life.

Personally I like destiny and think its true score lies around the 8 or 8.5, but that's just an opinion based on someone who actually thinks this game is fun to play. Plus at the end of the day it doesn't matter if 50% of players hate the game, I am not them and I only need to enjoy the things that I choose to do.

Gamer19821557d ago

To be fair Destiny has been hammering PSN all day and thanks to the success of PS4 which Sony didnt expect to keep gaming servers running smoothly Sony have been moving traffic from other services so things like party chat etc have been playing up all night.

frezhblunts1557d ago

LOL they give Destiny like a 0 and low scores which it deserves a higher scored if you grade it overall but indie games like velocity get like a 9/10 come on deserved like a 4/10!!! Shows how lame these reviews are.

CorndogBurglar1557d ago

This is nothing new.

I stopped going to Metacritic when Battlefield Bad Company 2 came out. Quite possibly the best Battlefield to date, and there were still morons posting reviews giving it a zero, and saying, "It doesn't have Call of Duty in the title."

Its just a bunch of trolls.

Hold_It1556d ago

That's true, and BFBC2 was amazing. People don't know what they want. We complain about Hollywood whitewashing and ruining animes we like by making them live action movies, yet most still pay to see it and keep it alive. Same thing for Call of Duty, the game is garbage and a lot people who don't like it keep buying said game and help keep the series around.

elninels1557d ago

Getting rid of metacritic would not solve the problem. Comment sections are where the real trolls come out.

As I see it, publisher's are the problem with metacritic. It has been used as a milestone in contracts. Ratings for money isn't right, money for
sales makes more sense.

shadowsatey1556d ago

I STRONGLY disagree. Metacritic has given players a chance to see reviews of games that people have played, especially when critic reviews are held back until after release day (ie. The Sims 4, Destiny, Final Fantasy XIV: Version 1.0) The negative reviews are rightly so. People can complain about it. If something is terrible gamer's have a voice. That voice is MetaCritic. I use it all of the time to hear about how terrible, or GREAT games are. Just look at The Last of Us: Remastered. Almost all Positive Reviews because the game is that good! You have to accept the negative and positive. Just because Bungie, a company you fanboys like, gets a negative review, suddenly the whole website needs to go. I don't think so, and I don't agree. The website is there. If companies want to succeed they need to remind themselves that there are review websites out there. (Hell, half of them, like EA, don't even care about review scores. They just want money.) So, please, please understand where I am coming from.

Stallion1556d ago

Bullshit. Let's look at the biggest AAA's of 2013. AC IV - good score. Bioshock Infinite- Great score. GTA V - Great score. The Last of Us- Fantastic score. Pikmin 3- Great score. Saints Row IV - Good score.

Destiny is just a mediocre game, and anyone with half a brain saw it coming from a mile away. The largest hype train in gaming history was made with parts imported from Tijuana.

BinaryMind1556d ago

It boggles my mind that fanboys waste their time on stuff like this.

TAURUS-5551556d ago

destiny is amazing and it plays better on the PS4

harv0521556d ago

Well if you look at the users giving 0s or 1s, most if not all of them only have 1 rating given....accounts created for the sole purpose of bringing down a game score. Pathetic.

gapecanpie1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

From the beta I was left with a huge meh feeling .... it wasn't bad but it wasn't worth all the hype its been getting and diffentinly not revolutionary.

Out of 0 to 10 I would give it a 7 ....

It was hard to believe this game was made by the same guys who made Halo Combat Evolved.....

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Mr-Dude1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Just haters... let them be. Some will be fanboys who are being hypocryt about bungie and sony. But not speaking of MS and imsomniac. And the rest are pure haters. People who don't like a game don't troll like that about a new IP.

Hating and Hating, but always first in line...

admiralvic1557d ago

What I don't think it's acceptable, a lot of users jump on these user review sites and give the game absurdly low scores for trivial or silly issues. Seriously, read some of them and you just might laugh. Like it isn't uncommon for people to down vote items because the shipping / service was bad, some trivial thing came into play (my box was cracked and Amazon only offered to replace it), etc. This leads to some people saying they don't read user reviews, but much like "professional" reviews, it's based off who you trust, not who they're.

In either case, Metacritic is fine, but people need to stop using it like it's some sort of scientific source that triumphs all argument / logic. Like just because I didn't like GTA IV (I didn't play it, but overall reaction seems that many believe the MC score was too high), doesn't mean I am going to change my mind because someone replies with "but it has a 90+ on Metacritic!" If anything, Metacritic needs to be more transparent and perhaps push for a universal standard before I start saying anyone should care about their scores. You figure, they claim that higher profile sites have more pull than low profile sites, but just because you write for IGN doesn't mean you're doing better reviews than some person off N4G, just means you have an in / connections, probably good English skills and a desire to work in the industry. Likewise, Metacritic takes reviews for what they're scored, but if people use different standards (Qt3 considers 3 average, many consider 5/10 average, PSLS considers 6 average* and plenty of other sites go as high as 7), different amounts and a lot of scores are translated based off what the Metacritic person thinks after reading the review or their policies (I believe a letter system is a straight 5 point scale with F being 2 and A being 10 and MC scores reviews that aren't scored in the first place) is basically a scientific looking way to obtain unscientific data.

* If you wonder why I believe it's because they use to be a 5 point system where 3 was average, but they changed to a 10 point system. To keep the old scores accurate, they basically just doubled everything and thus 6 became average.

RosweeSon1557d ago

Yeah and half the time it's before it's even in their hands oh I saw a trailer, yeah must be rubbish then, I read Wikipedia so it must be the gospel truth, seriously?! Haha. Some people ey ;)

What I hate more than most and it's a bit off topic but I did see the destiny trailer the other day and it's one of the worst in a long time....

Not actual game footage, so why are we being shown it then, I know let's have an advert for FIFA 15 and put footage in from the premier league, No if your game is not good enough to show off in a trailer of actual gameplay then you've clearly gone wrong from the start, it's not even all about the graphics but of for some stupid reason you don't show off your in game Game in the trailer you know proper footage then I'm always a bit sceptical or just avoid it all together it's odd because destiny was certainly no dogs dinner in the looks department yet in their trailer on the telly anyway not a sniff of game footage.

Glad nintendo didn't get a real actor in for the mario games. I'll let Bob off for the film but had they got him back for the adverts... Oh lord, either show the game off in the trailer or just don't show any footage or picture just put a message up we have a game out it's on this date it's on these platforms it costs this much, google youtube for more, don't wanna see any more Fake adverts of nothing in game whatsoever, rant over ;)

admiralvic1557d ago

Funny, I expected you to mention the live action trailer and while I agree for a different reason, I don't view them in such a cynical way.

Most live action trailers seem to go for more style than substance, which can sometimes result in really neat / cool things. I don't think you'll find many that thought the PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale LV trailer was bad and I know many loved the God of War: A one, but I don't think either game was particularly good marketing. I could see coming out of them thinking "what did I just see" and while it's good to get people talking about it (like the infamous Apple commercial), a video game is not the type of thing that has a wide enough appeal for such tactics to make sense.

Not to get too far off topic, but I think Blood Dragon's announcement trailer was the perfect mix of style, while still getting the point across. I mean, maybe 20% of the video was actual gameplay (the rest was stuff created specifically for the TV spot), but it did a fairly good job of representing what the game was (a cheesy '80s action game with all the bad dialog, uplifting songs and montages you could handle) and at the same time you left it knowing it was a game, not that I would hate the idea of it being a cartoon (would seriously support it via Kickstarter... just saying). Anyway, a lot of games have this problem too. Some go for more style than substance and they're usually worse games for it, though a few (Platinum Games for instance) can manage both.

Also, I don't mind ALL of NIntendo's real life TV spots. The Wii Sports Club (I believe) Tennis spot was priceless, though again, this is style vs accuracy.

Ark_1557d ago

I don't read the scores, but the actual reviews.
If you filter the bullshit out, you get a good overall picture of a product imo.

ShowGun9011557d ago

It's not "reviews" that are dumb, it's the number at the end... Example, if they gave it an 8 for being repetitive, but you don't mind that... Or if they took away points for the length being too short, and you're like me, and have a short attention span anyway and don't finish massive games. Read the reasons, see if they're deal breakers for YOU.

starchild1557d ago

Well said. Of course, people can also sometimes say things that really aren't true to begin with.

For example, I feel that many people are highly selective with their complaints about repetition. They will say a certain game is repetitive and give a low score based on this perception, but some other game that they reviewed very highly might be just as repetitive (or more) and they don't mention that it is repetitive and don't mark it down either.

The truth is, almost all games are fairly repetitive if you want to be critical. People are just selective about when they want to label something as "repetitive".

RosweeSon1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Totally agree just clearly don't read scores that are 0/10 or 10/10 of course read them ( if you wanna have a laugh mainly) but seriously if you look at them and go I'm not buying that, I say no more other than I give up ;) at the end of the day it's only people's opinions most sane people should be able to tell when a reviews either just trying to get the average score up or crap all over it because they didn't put in an option they wanted or because their copy of the game didn't turn up on launch day, ok so the games worth 2/10 just because the games shop who have nothing to with development were late delivering it, charming and seriously thick but there we go.

Haha Ape007, I'll second that below, some people are dangerous with their freedom of speech, wowzers.

ape0071557d ago

indeed, some people don't deserve to have an opinion shared publicly

TongkatAli1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Please don't piss on the first amendment, just ignore them if it bothers you, that simple. I love reading troll comments, gives me material on what I will say for things they like, hehe.

madjedi1556d ago

And who gets to decide whose opinion is worthy of being shared publicly and whose aren't, it sure as hell isn't me or you.

That strikes me as very arrogant, no one here needs to be judging on whether someone deserves to be able to share their opinion publicly.

ape0071556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

i don't have any authority over any one, i hate judging people and hate people that judge people, i try to be as humble as much as i can and give respect as much as i can BUT BUT there are some REALLY stupid people out there

giving lots of zeros without even explaining a thing(if zero was an actual score), i consider this group of people stupid and shouldn't have a voice, they're trolls to be honest

madjedi1555d ago

I won't lie i'll judge a person based on their opinion, but that does not go any further than console preference and whether or not they are a troll, fanboy ect. So i am one of those assholes.

Words like deserve, are a red flag to me. That reminds of many recent articles\bloggers that have gone tremendous lengths to paint countless gamers as the root of all evil, in society.