Ray Rice to be Removed From Madden 15, Per Source

Madden 15 is following the trend set by the NFL of distancing itself from Ray Rice, after a video was leaked showing exactly what happened in that elevator back in February, 2014, with his then-fiance, now-wife Janay Rice. Per a report by Fox Sports NFL Insider Mike Garafolo, Ray Rice will be removed from the game as part of a week-one patch, and won't be included as a free-agent.

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mikeslemonade1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I disagree. Let him play!

Let Welker and Josh Gordon play! My fantasy team needs Josh Gordon.

xHeavYx1558d ago

Yeah! I mean, who cares that he beats up women! God forbid your fantasy team gets messed up!

user56695101558d ago

You do know it's people that in the NFL that beats their women. It's in every sport. And you do know there's people that got away with murder in the NFL.

Kryptonite42O1557d ago


Rice was caught on video, so he didn't get away with anything... thus consequences should follow.

Aceman181558d ago

Good indeed to me when I saw this months ago I thought immediate b***h a$$ for laying his hands on a woman. He could have really hurt her or maybe even killed her with the way her head hit that railing.

Also even though I feel really bad for her I'm mad at her for staying with that a$$hole.

I'm really glad the team and the nfl did the right thing and toss his a$$.

ABizzel11558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I don't understand the point of the NFL or any sports league having regulations like this to begin with. I can't think of any other career field that has a rule where if you attack someone outside of work you'll be suspended and lose your job. This whole ordeal is beyond crazy to me, because he shouldn't lose his career for domestic violence, he should have lost his career for being put in jail for committing the crime in the first place.

Listen to how stupid this sounds:

NFL: If you beat your wife, fiance, or girlfriend we're going to have to suspend you for 2 days.....wait we've upgraded that charge to 6 days.

No you should be in jail, and the court and police should see to that. This whole issue was a failure of the court system, and resulted in a lynch mob of the media (aka scum 2.0). No one should be "outraged" cause the issue should have been dealt with from the start.

As far as Ray Rice goes, he ruined is own career. I don't understand celebrity males especially who beat their women. You have the money, you have the power, they want what you have (if they're groupies), so pull a female move. She acting up, drive off and leave her @$$ in Atlantic City change your locks, gate up your house, get security equipment, and go on about your life. Why ruin your career fighting a woman especially when you're pro athlete fighting someone who obviously can't hit fight back without a weapon.

For his fiance, best of luck to you, you'll need it.

As far as the media, he lost his career, he could be facing jail time, he's married to the victim, now GTFO of their business, and do something useful like investigative journalism regarding ISIS, investigative journalism regarding corporations sending more and more jobs out of the country, the media are now overpaid TMZ outlets.

Oschino19071558d ago

Lots of other careers would just fire you, especially anything high profile or public.

MrVodka691558d ago

your right but u gotta remember they r in the spotlight. you kno hes gonna be treated different than the normal. its stupid u right he should have went to jail or been on trial or however it goes. But u kno they were prob tryin to keep him outta serious trouble as much as they could

Fireseed1558d ago

Because players in the NFL are paid DISGUSTING amounts of money and are most of the time seen as icons to lots of people. If something like this goes public and the NFL continues to support the person in question it makes them look bad.

ABizzel11558d ago


But you're missing my point, there's should be no need for this, because the convicted should be jailed to begin with.

He was let off allowed to be put into basically a probation type anger management program. My mom use to teach at one of these when I was younger, and it was generally for teens who had been convicted and a way to prevent them from getting a felony.

I actually sat in class with her a many of times, and honestly they weren't bad people, they just made mistakes in life. Mr. Rice is an adult, and I really don't understand how exactly he qualifies for such a program (money probably), but if that's what his punishment is, then the NFL shouldn't be pressured by the media looking for always lynching, and outraged about something.

The media is cheering for a victory, but now he's a married man that lost his high paying career that he trained all his life for. You've just created a person who went from a first time domestic abuse offense, to someone who's understandably on the edge (even though he has no one to blame but himself). Now his wife is living with all of this as well, and the media has financially ruined this couple. He's a potential ticking time bomb if he doesn't recover from this, and he's most likely going to "BOOM" on his wife, and the media will act as if they had no part in this, if it ever happened

Overall my message is simply under any other circumstances he average person would have been jailed, or possibly offered the same program if the offender hasn't shown any previous history of violence. I believe in second chances, and obviously someone else did which is why he was added to this program (although I still think he should had faced at least some jail time).

The media needs to back off, and move on, before they ruin this couple's lives even further. No one wants to see her with him, but the reality is she is with him, and now married to him.

It's the same as Jay Z and Solange fighting in the elevator, yet no one is screaming for her to be jailed, dropped from the record label and all sponsorship.

Stop looking to these people as icons.

user56695101558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Domestic violence is common. And usually people don't follow through unless the courts take over. Only idiots look up to celebrities like they're God's or not normal people. If she would of beat him up it wouldn't been a big deal. I don't really care because stuff like this always happen in sports and everywhere. Seems dumb for them to take him out because of it when he do what he's paid to do and that's play football

Ea is just manipulating the situation and I bet people are going to fall for it. I'm tired of people putting famous people on a pedestal. They're normal people with problems that make mistakes like the rest of us. People use the excuse of they're famous and children look up to them as a excuse but fail to realize if you think that way your an idiot for having your kid idolize a person they don't know. It must be a rich or white America problem because I know black people just laugh and call him a idiot

Roethlisberger was charged with multiple rape charges.

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Software_Lover1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

It just goes from bad to worse for this guy. He should have learned from Jay-Z and not hit her. Let her look like the bad one. I tell my sons all the time, no matter what a women does, unless she is coming at you with a knife and you can prove it in the court of law with video evidence, restrain a woman and call the cops. Never hit her.

Edit: Having said that, I'm sure these execs have done worse to women at Frat parties.

GameingmyLife1558d ago

Seems like people are overreacting.... What he did was wrong and terrible but trying to disgrace his name is wrong... I'm sure they saw that video long ago... he not the only one who have hit a woman.....

OOMagnum1558d ago

I totally disagree! There are nfl players, playing now who comitted homicide who are still playing. So as wrong as it is I hope you guys arent saying that this is worse than death. Especially considering the back story of the incident and before this he by everyones account was a model citizen. I hope you guys live perfect lives the way you judge others.

BiggerBoss1558d ago

Just because I'm curious, what players do you know of that have committed homicide and are still playing?

Anyways, I'm glad that Ray rice got dropped

OOMagnum1558d ago

Webby answered before me Ray Lewis.

Oschino19071558d ago

Who committed homicide and is playing in the NFL???

Webbyy1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Ray lewis :-p

well.. was playing in the nfl lol

snarls2001558d ago

the murder charges wee dropped against lewis.

thricetold1558d ago

Didn't know ray Lewis was a convicted murderer. Im amazed he got away with murder when we have examples like palixico Burris who got jail time for shooting himself and mike Vick going to jail for murdering dogs yet they let lewis off the hook?

Big ben rostilberger raped a woman and is still playing yet you didn't mention him. He wasn't convicted either but he must be innocent right?

So telling...

OOMagnum1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Your paragraph doesnt make any sense to be honest but all im saying is people deserve second chances. And who cares what example I used. I was just using an extreme situation to make my argument. His punishment was justified but people wanting him barred from the league is going overboard. So yea...

thricetold1558d ago

"Who cares what example I used?"

the fact that you don't see using a man who was only briefly charged with murder during the initial investigation and never convicted of a crime you say he committed but judged guilty by you as an example to make any point as disparaging is discerning, at best.

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S2Killinit1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I feel that the punishment didn't fit the crime. NFL originally gave him 2 games suspension, even though they knew what he did, but then the video of the actual incidence came out and they ban him for life! talk about throwing people under the bus. Don't get me wrong, he should be punished, but the punishment should fit the crime, and he shouldn't be used as a scape goat. How would you guys feel, if all your life you work hard to get to were you are, and then they take your WHOLE career away from you because of a lapse in judgement? what he did was ugly, and disturbing and it requires a firm response, but to end the guy's career? harsh no?

On the other hand, the guy who was racially abusing his own team mates (i forget his name) , i do not share the same sentiment for. He did what he did on a regular basis, it was not a momentary decision. He deserved to be punished, I would let the jury decide what punishment fit his crime, and so I won't defend him, but this Rice guy, is a different scenario.

MasterofMagnetism1558d ago

I don't think Rice will be banned for life. What he did was horrible and he's definitely out for this season and maybe some of next season but he'll most likely get a second chance. If Michael Vick got second chance than why not Ray Rice?

Oschino19071558d ago

If there was public video evidence of Michael Vick doing and/or being a part of what he was accused of I guarantee he would not have ever been back in the NFL.

SpinalRemains1381557d ago

Its not about his suspension from the league, as much as it is having a team who is going to sign him and put up with the circus.

I am willing to bet he never plays an NFL down again.

ColonelRex1558d ago

He is not banned for life. He has been suspended indefinitely, there is a big difference.

"How would you guys feel, if all your life you work hard to get to were you are, and then they take your WHOLE career away from you because of a lapse in judgement? "

Thats a poor excuse. Ray Rice is a public figure working for the National Football League. The NFL has their own brand, image and reputation they have to protect. A person thats constantly in the public eye is held to a higher standard than the average Joe.

S2Killinit1558d ago

well, for all intents and purposes, an indefinite suspension is a lifetime ban. Especially if we are talking from a practical point of view, it has the effect of ending his career. Professional athletes don't have the luxury of being sidelined for two years at which point no team will touch them.

Also, I did consider your argument when I stated that the punishment here does not fit the crime. It is true that professional players are public figures, but to say that a sever punishment such as this is justified is a whole other matter. The NFL originally gave him a 2 game suspension, after he admitted to having punched his girl friend, only then, when the video of the incident was released, NFL decided to pump it up to an "indifinite Suspension." This should tell you how much of the punishment is attributed to what actually happened, and how much of it is due to the NFL trying save its own hide. This is the equivalent of saying a person is to be charged for a parking ticket, and then when the video of his parking illegally is released, they decide that he should be executed instead.

JD_Shadow1558d ago

He's suspended indefinitely, and I believe he's undergoing NFL funded counseling because he's a "first time offender" (basically the "we understand everyone makes mistakes" type of thing). Ray seems extremely apologetic (take that as you will), and Janice has been calling out the media about making this a thing. A similar thing happened with Michael Vick, and you don't hear anything bad with him since that incident.

The NFL seems committed to think that society can be forgiving to people (and you'd be surprised how UNFORGIVING society can be). The act is deplorable, but if the NFL thinks there's a chance for redemption, then let them try. Can't really hurt.

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