Forza Horizon 2 Full Car List

With over 200 cars coming to Forza Horizon at launch, keeping up with the reveal isn’t the easiest of things and so The Xbox Hub has collated them all here in one big list, ordered by manufacturer.

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Foehammer1530d ago

Very impressive list.

I'm so glad they're all next ten builds and not cut and pasted from previous gen games.

It's a lot of work but quantity is nothing without quality.

u got owned1530d ago

This game... I need it now!

nicksetzer11530d ago

Yea, I like that they don't have 45 of the same car and rehashed cars from prior games, those kinds of things defeat the purpose of a new release.

Everything about this game has me excited.

mcstorm1530d ago

I agree. For me I'm not over excited about too many games this last part of the year but one of the 3 games I wait for is Horizon 2 for me horizon was the best racing game I played last gen and set the bar but looking at horizon 2 it sets it even higher. Add Halo Collection and super smash bros to my other 2 gases and I can't wait to have them all.

Dudebro901530d ago

What a list! Can't wait for this game.

mcarsehat1530d ago

The way a game set AFTER Forza 5 will look worse.

Thanks cross gen...

IrishSt0ner1530d ago

Different developer and different game engine. It's not affected by cross gen issues, simple.

OT avoided these car lists until now for the full line up.. Some awesome cars, really love the everyman cara like cosworths, civics etc... Really excited for this game!

SIMOIKIE1530d ago

This games gona be amazing! Can't wait ready for the demo!