Glacier White PS4 coming as standalone product "before Christmas"

Sony has confirmed that the Glacier White PS4 will be launched as a standalone product "before Christmas".

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Buff10441232d ago

Good move. Not all of us want Destiny.

badz1491232d ago

the Destiny bundle includes the game at no cost at all, right?. if you really want the white PS4 now but don't want destiny, you can easily sell it and get your $60 back.

WildArmed1232d ago

Not really at "no cost at all".

You pay about 50$ more for the game, standalone PS4 is 400$.

xHeavYx1232d ago

You do get $20 in vouchers though

badz1491232d ago bad. maybe because I saw the video article earlier saying that Destiny bundle in EU are sold at the same price as the normal PS4.

ocelot071232d ago

Here in the UK the white Destiny bundle costs the same price as a standalone PS4 (£350). No idea why this is not the case in the US.

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darthv721232d ago

it does look nice. being a hardware whore that i am...i will eventually have both models. and if they decide to make a rich red color one for a God of war game then i will be all over that as well.

Magicite1232d ago

Im one of them. Gonna get PS4 early next year and hoping for white console.

Fkhalf161232d ago

I already bought the bundle, Good for those who are still holding back their PS4 purchases for the Standalone White PS4. Have a feeling SONY is gonna bundle it with LBP3. Can't wait for that game.

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Cherchez La Ghost1232d ago

I like the blue light with white.

XBLSkull1232d ago

Yeah but not the orange light with white.

solidt121232d ago

I already have a PS4 but I still want this lol

WildArmed1232d ago

Ditto, was tempting. But unless I get all my money back on this PS4, I don't want to "upgrade".

gamer4lifeyo1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

I really like the look of the controller the best.

LightDiego1232d ago

Really beautiful this model, great option now if you don't want Destiny.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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