NZGamer: Race Driver: GRID Review - 'Grid is putting fun back in racing games'

NZGamer writes: "Codemaster's racing games have always been comprehensive; from the first TOCA on PS1 through to the most recent V8 Supercars or the excellent Colin McRae's Dirt. You could never hassle Codies for the sheer value that your massively inflated purchase price (yay, for being at the bottom of the world, eh?) buys you.

Whilst Grid is no different, Codemasters still felt it necessary to come out and say that Grid is not about ticking boxes on the back of the packet or about performing spreadsheet-like real world simulation. Grid, they say, is all about having fun in a high powered ball of steel at 200+ kilometres an hour. So they say..."

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Sackdude3829d ago

thats the score i give to Grid!!!!!

Rattles3829d ago

im sure they ment.
"codemasters have ruined a great racing francise to sell to the american market"

its the same crap they done with dirt all sped up the the americans.