Sound issue reported on Kinectless Xbox Ones

It seems like many new Xbox One owners are reporting a specific issue, since the console has launched in Tier 2 countries a few days ago. The problem occurs on Kinectless consoles, and it consists of a loud buzzing or rattling sound when the console is idle (for example, when it is in the dashboard).

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Alexious1171d ago

Hm, sounds quite annoying. Hope they can solve it quickly

Why o why1171d ago

Never heard that one before

bouzebbal1171d ago

Better with Kinect! Worse without! Logic :)

AHV1171d ago

Yeah, hopefully it can be fixed with a firmware update, as some suggest.

donthate1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

The problem occured after a firmware update, so another firmware update should fix it!

No biggie, MS rapid improvement and agile development will have this fixed in no time. Heck, we just got another September feature filled update! :D

Foehammer1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

Sounds like a disc drive issue, maybe MS should have gone just digital.

I can't imagine that the HDD would be any different between models with or without Kinect.

Funny how fast an article like this gets approved, when the largest game release of the year is having network problems on PSN but no one wants to approve that article.

krouse931171d ago

Haha do you even have Destiny on PS4? I just played it 2 hours ago with no hiccups. Not to mention I played it for a few hours last night with no problem either.

RadioActiveTwinky1171d ago

Me and 2 other buddies played at midnight launch from 12 to 2 no problem. Signed in again this morning from 6 to 7 to inspect my loots and no problems. Haven't heard from my other 2 friends having problems either and they are taking the day off to play all day today.

I had to be the responsible one and had to work :(.

kaiserfranz1171d ago

Not sure why you're comparing the two things. Seems completely unrelated to me

Bathyj1171d ago

Seriously, what are you whining about? It sounds like a real issue. It's a thing. It existed out in the wild before the big bad Sony fanboys at N4G reported it , do just deal with it.

SilentNegotiator1171d ago

Some noise issues? Better throw out the disc drive!

Good thing you don't work for MS.

pinkcrocodile751171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

"Sounds like a disc drive issue", how did he come to that conclusion?

Step 1. Wet finger
Step 2. Put finger in the air (Outside for best results)
Step 3. Make up any old sh1te but say it in a serious tone.

Christ knows that university you went to... Maybe one where they had to stop you from eating the glitter and glue.

Whatever the issue is, I'm sure Microsoft are on it like stink on cheese. Let let them investigate and resolve it with the same dedicationas as with the launch of the Xbox One last year!

sAVAge_bEaST1171d ago


- maybe he does.


-wtf are you talking about?!?! PsN is online as I type.

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Magnes1170d ago

I thought it was my power brick they are so close its hard to tell where the buzzing comes from, although its not over powering it sounds like the buzz off a plasma TV.

LCEvans1170d ago

Bullshit article considering I bought an xbox last Friday and so far had no sound problems?

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crosstrigger1171d ago

This happened with launch boxes to. I had it happen smacked it rebooted it and it never did it again lol

Bathyj1171d ago

Yeah, that's probably what everyone should do.

choujij1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

@crosstrigger "I had it happen smacked it rebooted it and it never did it again"

Someone should call Console Services on you. :P

ccgr1171d ago

Like they needed another black eye....

MeliMel1171d ago

I didnt know they had one black eye already.

Aurenar1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

No problems for Xboxless users. lol

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