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ME Gamers MGS4 review - "A true masterpiece"

"When you finish MGS 4 you're at a complete loss for words. Emotions run high and you breathe a sigh of relief that this saga is finally over, happy and content at the closure, but also somewhat sad that this is indeed the end, a sense of longing immediately ensues. And at the end of such a mesmerizing experience, I really am not sure how to begin this review. No need to wax lyrical what an art this game truly is, and suffice to say that you should just stop reading now, go out and buy it. However, let's indulge ourselves as to why you will part with you hard earned money, for that is after all, the reason we're gathered here." (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 10/10

Says you  +   2575d ago
Oh look another perfect Score!
I must admit I never was interested in Metal Gear Series I never even bought the first one I only bought the 2nd one and the 3rd one well considering the reason why I never bought the first one cause at that time I only had a Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast at that time didn't like Sony

but of course after Sega stopped developing consoles I just bought myself a PS2 and now here it is Metal Gear Solid 4.
TANOD  +   2575d ago
I bouight the MGS4 bundle today
I have been blogging here after a long time now

since tat Round peg is gone. there is no one to bug me
clintos59  +   2575d ago
Another great review, keep it coming...
For all the hate for mgs4 in some of these lousy game sites who try an put MGS4 lower then it deserves, comes great reviews like this one. Nice review and I agree the game will be talked about for many years to come. :)
WIIIS1  +   2575d ago
I tend to think this is an idiot review.

Fanboism abound in the write up. Best graphics ever? No way. Praise for extraordinarily long cut scenes? Whatever, I thought we play games here. Deep online play? Get out of here!
LeShin  +   2574d ago
I'm curious Mr WIIIS1.....in your opinion, please let everyone know here what you think are the best graphics you've seen in a console game up until this point?

This should be good....
BulletToothtony  +   2575d ago
This actually is a great review..
i mean some perfect reviews don't say much but how the author expressed the game is how i felt about the game.. it's just too much to take in when is finished.. all you can think about is that you can't wait to play it again..

Great experience, great game
TANOD  +   2575d ago
MEGAMERS is also listed at METACRITICS

so expect GR to add it too
Breakfast  +   2575d ago
TANOD...lol...its been awhile
TANOD  +   2575d ago
yea no Round peg to bug me
so yea it has been quite a while


keep giving me bubbles though
alster23  +   2575d ago
another flawless score
Close_Second  +   2575d ago
Can someone please...
...tell me why MGO is considered good? I am struggling to see its relevance.
Fanboy Slaughter  +   2575d ago
I guess whether MGO is good or not is considered opinion. I personally like it because it's not horrendously fast-paced. It's about the best job of bringing the gameplay of Metal Gear online one could expect.

There's plenty of places to hide, sneak, and many ways to kill/immobilize your enemy. There's plenty of weapons (with customization), and the levels from what I've played are very well made.

The only beefs I have with it is that matches are extremely short and it's easy to camp spawn points for instant kills. I'm hoping they remedy these issues soon, but until then MGO is keeping up the replay value after the story.

And no, I didn't disagree you, just in case you wondered.
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BulletToothtony  +   2575d ago
i played the beta and have played a couple of games since i bought it...
here's my take on it... In the beginning is a little hard to get used to, specially if you have been playing cod4 for a while..

The game style i found it more towards Battlefield Bad Company.. meaning that it doesn't take a few bullets to kill someone...

At points it takes almost a clip to kill someone.. BUT i have heard that as you rank up it takes less not sure if it's true thou..

On the other hand headshots are one hit effective.. thou i like one kill headshots.. the problem is that a lot of people spray and get headshots.. the recoil is a bit hard to get used to as well, but you can change your weapon to semi-automatic by holding R2 and pressing triangle so that did help.

One thing i didn't like is that if they made the recoil to be very real life like along with headshots then it shouldn't really take about a clip to kill someone..

It's not that the game is bad, is just that when you put it against cod4 (if you played it for a long time) it's hard to get used to.. after a while of playing it does get good thou.. and you can find yourself playing hours of the game.. i would give it a good 8.5/10 in the beginning, after you played it for a while it gets around 9/10

one piece of advise.. JUST AIM HIGH.. aim for them headshots boy and you'll be ok
kindi_boy  +   2575d ago
couldn't touch the online part yet.. can't stop playing the main game.
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Whoooop  +   2575d ago
Ahhhh sh*t
Another perfect score...
pimpstation  +   2575d ago
Best game of all time.
juuken  +   2575d ago
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2575d ago
+ ONLY on PS3!!! ;-P
Thought i'd get that one in!!!;)
Poor xBot Lemmings!!! ;-D Another week of 10/10's to hurt them!...
PoSTedUP  +   2575d ago
i just played MGO. at first i hated it and said i should just stick to single player. it was a bad first impression though, people kept shooting me with tranquillizer darts, choking me out, anything to keep me from getting to play, it was horrible yo. but after i got a hang of it, its pretty solid, i actually like it alot. its unique. and separates its self from any other online game. you get to be the mk III and go around shocking other players, its madd fun.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2575d ago
@PoSTedUP ;)
Yeah MG:Online is Unique;) Once you work it all out it's well Fun!;)
Kain81  +   2575d ago
I must say that this game is beyond Epic
iam played so many games in my life, but this game is the best game i ever played.
TheExecutive  +   2575d ago
quickly becoming my favorite game of all time. Its really the only game that deserves the 10/10 mark this gen. It completely blows GTA out of the water
juuken  +   2575d ago
Excellent, excellent game.
Haters lose out.
Baba1906  +   2575d ago
cant wait to get this game =(. only 2 day to go.
B-Rein  +   2575d ago
the game truly is a master peice, I finished the game, and its the best game out so far
DARK WITNESS  +   2575d ago
now i don't mean this in anyway to dis the game, i love it, every min of it and i will say its the best single player next gen game i have played thus far...

but does anyone find snake a bit frustrating to listen to ? I am on my second play through and trying to unlock the active camo. i am taking in a lot more of what is being said and i find snake comes across as being a bit thick in the head.

i mean for a hardened soldier that has been in the business for almost 20 years some stuff i would have thought i could figure out by now.

he always seems to be suberized by everything and shows it by always repeating what he just heard with a ? at the end.

i think in some parts its because a new element has come into the game play and kojima is trying to introduce this to the new player, but he seems to always do this at the expense of snakes intelligence.

it does not take away from it being a truly great game; maybe the best ever !

but sometimes i feel like slapping snake round the back of the head a bit; come on man, whats wrong with you !

anyway, i am really enjoying my second play through and trying to do it with out getting a single alert is really showing how vast this game is and how there are so many different ways of playing it.

no spoiler, but that final fight, was that the best boss fight or what.. never felt so satisfied kicking the crap out a boss !
Syronicus  +   2574d ago
As my personal review...
Only 12 hours in, I can safely say that the game is truly a masterpiece of epic proportions. Nuf said.
George Washington  +   2574d ago
i bought and beat mgs4 but i do gotta say that it IS NOT a 10. how can you call it a 10 when the last 3 out of 5 chapters suck? chapter 3 blows. you just follow the guy shoot people off a bike then kill a boss. all in less than an hour of gameplay. chapter 4 was a HUUUGEEE dissapointment. chapter 5 was about 45 minutes long.
tk  +   2574d ago
Have to agree
MGS4 is a very emotionally involving storyline - especially if you played the previous titles.

Heavenly Sword was cool as well...

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