Failure to Launch -- A Destined Blunder?

PlayStation and Xbox's Preload midnight launch of Destiny did not go over as smoothly as it could have, starting the home console's answer to retailers midnight launches on the wrong foot.

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jackanderson19851557d ago

wasn't that a temporary issue that got resolved in like 5 mins? I know i got told the same for the EU version that it was midnight GMT, that came along, game didn't "unlock" so i got onto support and they said it should start shortly... which it did at around 12:30.... the download speeds though were freaking awful though ha so damn slow

Volkama1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

It's not so much reporting problems (though I did have a problem myself). This is about the digital preload being locked while players that received their physical copy a day early were already online playing.

They should have unlocked the digital version early if they were allowing access to retail users, but I doubt Sony or Microsoft are able to make that decision on Activision's behalf and together they were never going to be able to react to the situation within the timeframe that it was relevant.

Edit: Actually I see it is talking more about timezone differences in the U S. And it's only talking about up to 3 hours.

BlackWolf121557d ago

The servers were scheduled to go live at midnight in every region the game was releasing.

Anyone who got their retail copy of the game early shouldn't have been able to play it, and even if they could it is NOT I repeat, it is NOT Sony, Microsoft or Bungies decision to break the street date. Individual retailers do that from time to time and it is something only they control.

Volkama1556d ago

Well sure, the street date was always likely to get broken (as it always does), but it isn't the retailer that allows those players to connect and play.

Bungie/Activision are the ones controlling access to the game servers, and Microsoft/Sony would technically be able to restrict it too.

It isn't a big deal, just a bit of a jab in the face for digital distribution and pre-loading.

Letthewookiewin1557d ago

I had no problems what so ever.

OrangePowerz1557d ago

Worked perfectly fine for me, unlocked at midnight and no online issues.

Guy1051557d ago

What time zone do you live in? Did you buy it digitally or retail? You don't provide enough context to refute any claims or opinions in this article

chaos-SD1557d ago

Guy105, I like you, you have a reasonable attitude and have clearly read the piece! Thanks for doing that!

HacSawJimThugin1557d ago

Same for me. Bought it digital. East Coast United States.

slappy5081557d ago

Destiny is awesome so far, no problems getting on , nor were there any problems on Psn. Erm, overhyped?

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The story is too old to be commented.