Destiny day one impressions: some good, some bad, some ugly (Games in Asia)

Games in Asia: "Oh and the loading screens are awkwardly long. Transitioning from the first mission to the Citadel, the game’s social hub, took a fair bit of time. Almost one minute of just staring at a loading screen, not something you’d expect from a next-gen game. Even more shockingly, this was with a digital copy of the game, not the retail disc release.."

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Trekster_Gamer1531d ago

Things I do not like about my experience with Destiny.
Story and limited voice acting is BORING..
Extreme lack of single player story driven cinematics.

Very linear.

The gameplay and visuals are great but so far as a single player immersive story driven game it is letting me down.

Retreading levels gets old.

I am sure if you only prefer multiplayer than you might be having a better go of it.

Saying that I am only about 5 hours in and I really hope things change up more than just the scenery.

As far as a great story and all around awesome game I can't wait to get my hands on Halo 2 remastered, even moreso now!

joab7771531d ago

It's NOT a linear's an mmo. It just is. It's a loot drive, social experience w/ difficult content that u gear up for. Raids are coming ares will added content

This is not Halo. Halo was a single player story driven game. I love it. Finally a great fps game w/ rpgs and social elements that I love.

Those that just want single player and that's it, will not love it b/c it's a dynamic progressive game in which the story is written by u and ur friends.

FullmetalRoyale1531d ago

I would not mind the lack of VO so much if they included a good bit of written dialogue. But that's just me.

venom061531d ago

game was WAYYYYYY over hyped by IGN, but it would make sense seeing that Activision has deep business associations with IGN through them buying the IGN Pro League.. be warned people..

Funantic11531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Destiny sucks. No reviews in 2 days. Yeah Activision and Bungie paid big bucks to keep the reviews quiet. That must be a lot of that $500 million budget they had for Destiny. The rest of the money was spent on over hyping it.

averagejoe261530d ago

How do you review a game that takes months to beat in a few days?? That's why there are no reviews... You ignoramus

Monstar1530d ago

Months to are you talking about? story is 10 hrs long apparently and usually reviewers get advanced copies and we already have 1 review of the game.

n1ghtw1ng1530d ago

Meh. I'm bummed out because the lore sounds great but it's executed rather poorly in-game compared to most others.