PlayStation Middle East Hints at Arabic Menu Support for PS4

PlayStation Middle East has recently Tweeted the following image which contains the Arabic alphabet. The tease comes days before the GAMES14 event in Dubai.

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Septic1528d ago

This was supposed to be out ages ago wasn't it?

RashBandicoot1528d ago

It was rumored for quite some time but now it seems to be almost done.

NewMonday1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Makes the PS4 accessible to hundreds of millions, Persian and Urdu also use the Arabic alphabet.

Edit: why is the text disconnectd, it doesn't work like in Roman alphabet.

bouzebbal1528d ago

i dont think it has ever been rumored, but it has been one of the most requested by the community for many years.
It's cool if it happens cause arabic speaking countries are a big part of the PS fanbase. More and more AAA games are also including arabic language.


I was hoping not to not get the notorious mistake. The I opened the link. Not only the arabic letters are disconnected but also in the opposite way, just like evry game when it uses arabic letters (BF3 is the most famous example). Really, why won't they hire specialized people? Google transklate not gonna help them.

Ryan7411528d ago

Its time our Arab friends got this.

Omran1528d ago

I Hope So, come on sony we supported
your products for almost 20 years

CaptainYesterday1528d ago

I'm surprised that Ps4 didn't already have this I guess better late than never.

SuckerKick121528d ago

The # is correctly written. But the words on the top are written backwards and they say "your biggest request soon" and they are non-cursive. In Arabic we only write in cursive since it becomes easier to read that way. I don't know if that was a mistake or they meant to so that. But I'm glad they are finally adding Arabic


No, it is a very common and sad mistake, look my comment above.