DayZ's producer addresses community concerns about the game's development

Ah, DayZ. In many respects it's the architect for modern survival gaming, and, in many other respects, we still have no idea what its final form will even be. Neither the Arma 2 mod nor the standalone early access release are in a finished state, and that's led to some concern within its community. Brian Hicks, producer for DayZ, recently addressed these concerns in a forum thread titled, "has anyone else lost faith in DayZ?"

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lazyboyblue1532d ago

My biggest gripe with 5 hrs clocked on the alpha is I haven't seen a single zombie.
Yes its alpha but seriously put some zombies in your zombie game!

Paprika1532d ago

I'd say its a welcome change to find the quietness of the world suddenly interrupted by a group of zombies, certain areas should be without any at all, others packed!

ardivt1532d ago

in 5 hours you haven't seen a single zombie? sounds like a bug or a special server configuration to me.

lazyboyblue1531d ago

That's what I thought. I tried 3 servers though. Might try a reinstall.

user56695101532d ago

Better off playing Arma mod than this. Got the cash so it's basically fuck pc gamers that supported it before everyone caught on

Roccetarius1532d ago

Seems like Breaking Point has progressed much more, but unfortunately, DayZ is still the most popular one.

demonicale1532d ago

Mine biggest gripe is i never see other players, or don't bump into them enough.

dillhole1531d ago

This for me makes it more eerie. There is something about knowing there are 30-40 people on the map, but not knowing where they are, or whether they are friendly or not.

Paprika1531d ago

The same with zombies, the feeling of isolation within a world you know others exist..but are hidden add to the atmosphere! You could even be being followed!

PaleMoonDeath1532d ago

I really want to get this, one of the few games I gripe PC gamers for, never played it myself but man I've seen quite a few streams and videos.

Looks dope!