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Crispy Gamer Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

Is Mr. Kojima's latest foray into the Metal Gear Solid universe worth the price of admission if you are new to the series or not a hardcore fan? Tom chick attempts to answer that question in his review. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) -

pwnsause  +   2670d ago
another idiot site?
pharmd  +   2670d ago
im not sure where i stand on the fact that reviewers dog certain games because they reference previous games in the series.... to me i dont mind but some reviewers are penalizing games for it and im not sure if thats legit or not
kindi_boy  +   2670d ago
LMAO i've never seen so much hate in my life.

"Are you Crispy?"
NO am not gay.
HowarthsNJ  +   2670d ago
So tell them what you think of their "Crispiness"?

They don't live up to their mission statement:

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl  +   2670d ago
tell us how you really feel! I can stomach this since it is purely his opinion and because of that he didn't put a number or letter grade on it
LeSouteneur  +   2670d ago
Even before they played the game,
they hated it.


Biased? Perhaps
harrisk954  +   2670d ago
Wow... just wow...
Thanks for posting that link... this website is real crap. I mean, they were just itching to give a bad review to the game even before it was released. What douche bags. I mean, if you are a critic and you don't like the thing you are reviewing, then by all means -- this is a free country -- tell us how you feel. But, they didn't play the game and admitedly did not participate in any press junkets... They sound just pissed off for some reason... this is a nasty diatribe based upon nothing. This is pure crap.
clintos59  +   2670d ago
Another idiot review...
Tell that to the other game sites who said this is one of the greatest games of all time and the best game this next gen. Dont nitpick at the game like u idiots totally forgot to do with halo 3 and gta4. All I can say is im on the third chapter and this game is better then any game I have played this next gen.

Nitpick all u want but FACT is there will never be a halo, or gears or gta game to bring a package as amazing as MGS4 which covers every area of the game. U want great gameplay? It has it. U want great sound? It has it. U want great graphics? It has it. U want great storyline? It has it. U want great replay Value? It has it. WTF more can u ask for. Game sites that nickpick at some bullsh!t need to go get a life and stop reviewing games because in the end u are the ones that look stupid. :)
The Lazy One  +   2670d ago
I agree...
People with opinions that differ from other people are dumb and wrong...
Syronicus  +   2670d ago
@ The Lazy One
I would say that this is less about a differing opinion and more about a review that was written with no basis for such disgruntled criticism. They have obviously never played the other games which places their review in the "I don't know what I am talking about" category. You can have a differing opinion of something, but I would say that you (the reviewer) owe it to your audience to at least know what you are reviewing rather than ranting about sporadic details far and few between.

A negative review of 100% of the game is ok in my book, it is their opinion but this is a negative review of only 10% of the game and is limited to the judgment of poorly written review and IMHO, rubbish.
The Lazy One  +   2669d ago
they said at the beginning the review was specifically for people that didn't play the other games. You can't expect something to be something it specifically says it's not.
Expy  +   2670d ago
Pretty pathetic. If you can't understand the story, PLAY THE OTHER GAMES MORON. You expect to review a game without knowing the story from the previous games, or without the proper knowledge of world politics, economics, psychology, or being able to pick out metaphors out of almost every aspect of the game.... Don't review it.
The Lazy One  +   2670d ago
You didn't read the first paragraph did you?
Silogon  +   2670d ago
What I wanna know is why the hell this queer dip was watching 27 dresses, myself. This guy is a complete homo.

Truth is Konami didn't want their game being reviewed by such bias morons. Hell, why should they allow this D*ck stain to sit under his parents floor in the basement and review their code? Everything this site produces is acid tounged towards Sony.

I've never heard of them until now, not suprising cause they're nobodies, but even I flipped thru their junk to see if I could find out why they hated mgs4 so bad and this is the conclusion.

They don't hate the game, they just hate the system it's on. Even going as low as to misquote Kojima's Cell responce again. After it was proven twisted by Kojima himself, no less.
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wAtdaFck  +   2670d ago
Wow, this is utterly amazing.
The number of people who want to bash MGS4 for its amazing storyline, storytelling, and being on the PS3.

Its just amazing. I kinda lost hope for this guy, because to him, a story so complex couldn't get inside his brain. To him, games are all about pew pew pew, gunfights, I win! pew pew pew.

Let the haters play "brain dead, waah! aww, I'm too stupid to understand the story," while true gamers take in the awesomeness of MGS4, and its unrivaled storyline.
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Exquisik  +   2670d ago
4 Bosses?
Did they even play the game? This review is worse than those other reviews that gave the game an 8.
wAtdaFck  +   2670d ago
Its all about bashing the PS3 nowadays.

I'm literally appalled.
Redlight  +   2670d ago
I hate to break it to you guys but the MG story isn't so deep and wonderful that only smart people can understand it.

On the contrary, it's a self-indulgent, soapy mess, full of inconsistencies, absurd nonsense and paper-thin characters.

The people who don't like it aren't dumb or incapable of comprehending it, the fact is that the 'epic saga' is really just an hollow shell.

The Emperor has no clothes.
Close_Second  +   2670d ago
...if MGS story line is as shallow as your suggesting then most other games must feature no plot or back story at all.

By all means bag the MGS story but can you come up with some examples as to why you think it is so shallow.
wAtdaFck  +   2670d ago
You practically pulled that conclusion out of your @$$, because you really didn't say anything, but "MGS4 teh sucks!!1!"
TheExecutive  +   2670d ago
what are you talking about? did you even play mgs4? the story is amazing.
juuken  +   2670d ago
I would be lying if I said MGS4's storyline doesn't impress me. I'm still semi-new to the series and that storyline has got to be THE best storyline I have ever heard of. I'm not saying this because I supposed Kojima so much, but I have seen games with really bad plots. This plot just kicks all kinds of ass.

To me, you're just another person who will hate on this game as well.
Close_Second  +   2670d ago
...I think MGS4 is a standout game on the PS3 and one of the best games I have played in a long while. However, Metal Gear Online is uninspired and if it were sold as a stand alone game would not be worth the asking price.

Movement feel sluggish, the hit model is way off and the controls make the game more challenging than it should be. Sure there are some who will love MGO but its not a game for the masses or anything that will be played by many for long.

COD4 provides the best FPS on-line experience on a console to date with Gears of War providing the best TPS multiplayer experience. I would not even rate MGO as good as Warhawk - which is a real shame.
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Fighter  +   2670d ago
worst site ever
They give Bourne Conspiracy a good score even though it's not that great but they gives this game the worst score ever. I say we boycott the site and not give them any hits that they want for giving good games a bad score. We should boycott any site whether they review PS3 or 360 games and give it a bad score because the journalists don't play that kind of genre and give bad scores on purpose to get hits.

Don't give this lame site any hits, they are not proper gamers.
Fighter  +   2670d ago
Here is where you can complain about their handling of the game

Keep in mind they already made up their minds http://www.crispygamer.com/...
before they gave it a full review.
The Lazy One  +   2670d ago
Most of that was uber harsh
I agreed with two things he said though...

"There are pointless one-, two- or even three-second pauses between lines. Characters grunt and pace and look at each other and sit and think and grunt again and pace some more."

which is probably a result of the second thing...

"Kojima seems shut inside an echo chamber where no one tells him "no" and devoted fans scream "yes" no matter what he does."

I swear there were probably a good 2-3 hours of unnecessary dialogue, pauses, and cuts that could have been taken out of the game and make it flow a lot better.

There's also the two sided blade of the story answering every question in the metal gear universe. On the one hand it gives complete closure. On the other it can really hurt the flow of the story immediately at hand. This could go either way.

The rest of the review was really really really harsh and somewhat unnecessary though, but I will respect his opinion.

Sidenote: I like their rating system concept. The buy it, try it, fry it dealie. In the end that's what every review should come down to.
DARK WITNESS  +   2670d ago
i have to say i totally agree.

The game is definitely a 10/10, its an injustice to give it anything less ! But, and its a big BUT ( as was the case with gta 4 ) this does not mean the game is perfect.

The dialogue is a bit messed up at points. The overall story is awesome, but the screen play and dialogue at some points is not needed.

as i said in my other post and i will say it hear, sometimes snake comes across as being a bit stupid ! i mean he is been in the action for 20 years, and everyone someone says something he always acts supprised like he has never heard it before. and he keeps repeating everything back with a ? at the end.

i understand that kojima is trying to fill in the blanks for new people who don't know the backstory, but i think there are better ways of doing it, with out making snake sound a bit thick between the ears !

does anyone know what i am talking about ? i still love the game, i still give it a 10/10... but if i think something is wrong or could have been done better i will say it. its just my opinion, does not mean a person is hating, just cos they have an opinion.
juuken  +   2670d ago
...That's a review?
That crap is supposed to be a review?
Why do I smell a biased review written all over it?
peksi  +   2670d ago
So there was nothing good about the game. How is it possible that others complement the game as near perfect while this one find nothing good about it?

It can only be that this is a protest involving some personal opinions against the whole brand / Sony (fanboy category?) or a person has a very marginal taste.

Sadly it sounds that this falls to the first one since the reviewer mentions nothing but negative sides skipping all the positives. Usually one can find some positives like graphics, music but he doesn't mention this kind of things at all making the review sound quite coloured.
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WIIIS1  +   2670d ago
A refreshing take at the game. I agree that with MGS4, Kojima has placed cut-scenes at the forefront and relegated gameplay to the backseat, and this is certainly not the direction I'd like the rest of the gaming industry to go in. If you start focusing on the movie aspects more than the gaming aspects, then be prepared to be judged as a cinematic experience rather than as a game. And judged in that context, only the purest bred fanboys will disagree that the cinematics in MGS4, while probably the best in any game, are still just a tortured wreckage.
rockleex  +   2670d ago
I laugh at this "review".

Really, attacking MGS4 for having unrealistic story plots? What about those Plumbers who can travel across the galaxy without wearing any sort of spacesuits? Yes, I'm talking about Mario Galaxy.

Kojima never claimed that MGS accurately portrays the real world through its storyline.

Since when were we supposed to bash a game because of its unrealistic plots?

Apply their criticizing points of MGS4 on all other games, and suddenly you realize that MGS4 sucks and yet, all other games suck even more! But for some twisted reason, they never apply the same critical view on other games.

This "review" is the best example of double standards in game reviews yet. But of course, one can conclude that their "review" and hatred towards MGS4 is only a mere attempt to pull in more traffic.
tk  +   2669d ago
So they say...
They say:
What's Not: Long cinematics; Incomprehensible storyline; Not enough gameplay

I say:
What's Not: Shallow criticism; Incomprehensible review; Not enough brain cells

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