Destiny Beta vs Final release video shows little visual difference

A video which looks at a scene from the Destiny Beta and the same moment in the final retail release.

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Chuk51412d ago

I heard the game's AA looks cleaner by a number of people. Why are the titles of these Destiny posts lately so backhanded? I don't know why people seemingly wants this game to feel because, if people didn't notice, when new IPs fail we get less of them.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1412d ago

I think its more of a fanboy reaction. Some hate anything from Activision. And some last gen Xbox fan diehards are piseed about bungie signing a advert. Deal with Sony. Generally the preorder amount speak for themselves. Most people are either playing or about to play it, therefore are not vocal about it because they aren't around.

Randostar1412d ago

I have it, to me its looks mostly the same. The AA may be better but i can't notice. Its been too long since i played the Beta to remember.

joab7771411d ago

It definitely looks better. Not sure why, AA, textures, i dunno, but I'm loving this game.

It is crazy how if a game gets hyped, then it get torn apart at release. Bungie did an amazing job amazing and I can't wait to see what there is to come.

Meltic1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

i wish there was more computer AI fighting monsters too in the game. The World feels empty. Havent seen so many other players. Just 1 or two on the moon. Sometimes its said that etc hyoP is near but nothing more. Other than that its good

ramiuk11411d ago

whats doing my head in is everyone is default set to PRIVATE FIRETEAM so cant run upo and join in.
it should adopt a LFG(looking for group) icon after name

Meltic1411d ago

Yeah and i am actually playing venus missions now. And we only play in the city of venus which im dissapointed. Only citys why not jungles ?.