Peter Moore pays tribute to Dreamcast on its 15th anniversary in the US

EA chief operating officer Peter Moore has paid tribute to the Sega Dreamcast as it celebrates its 15th anniversary in the US today.

Sega's final console launched on September 9, 1999 in North America and Moore was president of Sega America at the time.

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Paprika1556d ago

Sony's dominance dealt the final blow to Sega. But this console was epic, I still own one for shenmue! Rip, a true cult classic for a console, the Sega Saturn was cool too! What happened Sega :(

MightyNoX1556d ago

Phantasy Star Online
Samba Di Amigo
Skies of Arcadia
Crazy Taxi
Chu Chu Rocket

So many great memories.

Concertoine1556d ago

Yeah me and my friends are gonna play some games on mine. Dynamite Cop ftw.
Its funny how the only real failure in terms of lifespan is the DC, but its probably the last console i can think of that actually had great stuff to play at launch. Like Sonic Adcenture, Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur day 1? Sign me up.

I wasnt really around for the DC (im only 17), but if i was, that wouldve been the only console i' ve ever bought at launch.

Baka-akaB1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Dont forget Grandia 2 , PowerStone , and the only good versions/nearly arcade versions of some fighting games like CVSnk2 and Marvel !!

darthv721556d ago

Yeah, i can remember many of my friends telling me i was stupid for getting the Dreamcast. they held off and got the PS2 (which i did get later on as well) but after the DC was pulled from the shelves....those same friends were sad to see it leave.

It wasnt until after that they really sat down and experienced games like skies of arcadia and crazy taxi and power stone among others. they proclaimed that they were stupid for not getting one when it came out but learn to accept the mistakes and grow from them.

Too bad others didnt realize the greatness that sega had until it was too late. but at least people who held off then are still able to get one now for cheap. and its still getting games for it.

filchron1556d ago

I was telling all my friends how awesome it was in 5th grade and they were all lames too.

gapecanpie1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Sony didn't do crap ... Sega Dreamcast died because of piracy. Everywhere I went I saw people selling games they burned to a cheap CD-RW for like $5 and $10 dollars a pop.

It's a shame that the best gaming system I have ever owned and gave me more pleasure then any other died because of cheap idiots and low life dirt bags.

Baka-akaB1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Piracy didnt kill the ps1 where it was as easy as the DC . And it didnt kill the ps2 wich only required extra work . Not saying that i'm in favor , but it dealt with the same issues everyone else did in that department

Mostly the boycott from EA , the success of the PS2 , and Sega's own mismanagement of an initially successful console , killed it

Gohadouken1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

"Piracy did it" only works when the console is out of favor with the mainstream public , as seen with the Dreamcast and psp .All the ps1 needed was a cigarette match , or a spring , or even tape , to read backup cds ... and it didnt kill the market .

Blame EA instead

hiredhelp1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

The best Sega console in terms of being light years ahead of its time.
Even PCs most still running 64 bit video card high end you have 128 bit
Then there was 32bit playstation and the 64 bit N64.
Virtual memory cards i mean wow even today not seen that type tech built in modem.
And games that be always remeberd on sega dreamcast
Jet set radio
Craxy taxi
I know there more but hey ...
I love sega make come back but just stick by your hardware.

mcstorm1556d ago

I agree for me the DC is the best console I've ever owned followed closely by the Amiga32. The DC was way ahead of its time I remember playing MSR (infact I still have it) and plugging it into the modem to grab the weather from the country you were racing in.
JSR blew me away in how good the graphics were and the great music.

Its a shame Sega went under with this console as this was not the console that sent it under it was the Saturn.

I do miss the old Sega and wish some of the old IPs would come back to the new gen consoles.

I would say RIP the Dreamcast but for me its Long live the Dreamcast I still have mine now and it still gets used from time to time too.

miyamoto1556d ago

Why must you guys blame Sony for Sega Dreamcast's demise?

I loved the Sega Dreamcast I have two and have them to this day.

Sega of Japan officials were numb nuts-jealous enough to get rid of Sega of America CEO Tom Kalinseke, the one who made the Sega brand very very popular in America and their only chance to beat Nintendo in the US back then.
And replace him with Ben Stolars, a PlayStation reject who prematurely dropped support from the Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast.

C-H-E-F1556d ago

Shenmue, I remember the day my friend had the dreamcast and put me on that game. I nearly bought a Xbox for Shenmue, but I had to stick to my roots. I soooo close to switching over whew... Playstation Nation for nearly 20 years now... I would love a remake. Shhhh just make the same game for this gen and i'll be fine lOl.

DigitalRaptor1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

The Dreamcast was worth owning for Shenmue and Shenmue II alone.

But it had so many other truly awesome games and features and specs ahead of its time for a home console. Sega… man you were so great.

The nostalgia I hold for this machine is almost insurmountable.

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DEEBO1556d ago

Head of it's time.

mydyingparadiselost1556d ago

Dead Space 4 lead platform revealed :D

LightDiego1556d ago

Correct me if i'm wrong, EA is one of the responsibles for the decline of Dreamcast for not publishing your games for the console, right?
I was pissed with them at that time. Another reason to hate them, lol.
Dreamcast was great, lucky you if still have it.

RebelWAC1556d ago

My most cherished console ever. It was so ahead of it's time and the library was just so rich and diverse.

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