FIFA 15 Demo PS4 & PS3 Release Date Announced

Play: "Sony has made an announcement as to when the FIFA 15 demo will be coming to PS4 and PS3."

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itani1554d ago

This is for EU. US ain't confirmed yet.

Exari1554d ago

soooo just create an EU account and dl the demo...

mafiahajeri1554d ago

Doesn't the store update today?

nX1554d ago

Don't, it's not worth it for this. Played it on X1 already and it's horrible, actually worse than FIFA14.

Thefreeman0121554d ago

@Bloodborn What are you talking about?? Have you even played 14? or the 15 demo? Its pretty smoothe, gameplay is better, Presentation is better, graphics are slightly better. Whats to complain about...

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TAURUS-5551554d ago

FIFA 14 was pathetic, hopefully were gonna play better football in FIFA 15

gamernova1554d ago

FIFA 14 was so aids man lol Man I hate that game!

nX1554d ago

FIFA14 indeed was bad but PES14 was even worse... I played the FIFA15 demo already and it's even worse than both lol
My only hope lies in PES15 now, the demo should come out next week.

KeiKei1554d ago

Don't listen to Bloodborn. 15 is way better than 14. I played the PC Demo and the game is way more responsive than 14.

PX541553d ago

This genre needs a new developer to step in just to liven it up a little, it's gotten really stale and there's no innovation coming from from EA or Konami - and very little development on previous iterations.
Someone just needs to step in with a completely unlicensed game that has fantastic features and great gameplay - the licences can come later - or just put a kick-ass edit mode in it.

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FanboyKilla1554d ago

Dont worry, played it on the one, looks like fifa14 with grass deformation. Very dissapointing.

psnCAShville_6151554d ago

tommorow meaning wednesday or today? sorry not sure how old this topic is.

Berenwulf1554d ago

wednesday. the EU store always updates on wednesday the US store on tuesday so theoretically it should be available today in the US.

itani1554d ago

I mean it ain't confirmed in US for tomorrow. Could still be today. So just make a US account and get it today.

desertpunk861554d ago

playing it on 360 right now.

Macdaddy711554d ago

I just don't understand why EA is stealing from the gamers that's paying for EA Access n releasing demos for everyone to play!!! Only demo they put on Access was Madden, if I was paying for EA Access I would be pissed,

yezz1554d ago

You can't be serious? Demos behind a subscription is a preposterous idea..

Baka-akaB1554d ago

Oh yeah that's smart , hiding demos behind a paywall , when they'd be the perfect bait and incentive for people to care about the games and subscribe to the service ..

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The story is too old to be commented.