PALGN: Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Review

PALGN writes: "Easily one of the biggest success stories of recent years comes in the form of the LEGO Star Wars series. Initially released on the PlayStation 2 and giving gamers the opportunity to play through their favourite Sci-Fi epic in a LEGO inspired universe, the game seemed to be targeted at Star Wars fans; but it was the LEGO theme that kept everybody coming back, along with the fun cooperative gameplay of course. It spawned a sequel covering the remaining Episodes of Star Wars, along with a re-release combining the two games together in the one experience and adding in fancy next-gen polish and online features to boot. While they may have run out of Star Wars related storylines, Travellers Tales are back with their LEGO universe, and have their aim fixed squarely on the Indiana Jones movies for their latest release: LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Is it more of the same, or has the figurative old dog been taught some new tricks?"

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