Destiny Error Codes, NAT Setup, Audio Issues and Fixes

Guide4GameS: Destiny has been rolled out for PS3, PS4, Xbox360 and Xbox One and brings lots of error codes, internet issues, audio problems and other issues. Here are some tips and fixes.

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pinkcrocodile751532d ago

Christ! - I hope I don't get this drama when I get home tonight.

I've got an excellent network at home so networking shouldn't be a problem I just hope there are no errors when I'm trying to play it.

Fingers crossed to all those in the same boat as me.

JasonBloodbourne1532d ago

Yep keep getting booted from the server on ps4

davethedj1532d ago

ima playing since yesturday on ps4 and already level 10 and having no problems

Cobberwebb1532d ago

Smooth as silk launch for me so far(PS4), but I haven't touched the Crucible yet.

Volkama1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Seems a relatively good launch, at least in terms of the lack of "PSN/Live are on fire!" articles.

When I tried to play my digital pre-loaded version on the XBox last night I had no luck though. The games and apps queue stated it was "Ready to play!" with a progress bar crawling through the single digit percentiles.

The game launched without issue, signed me up to some exciting news letters, installed a day 1 patch, then sat at "Transferring game data - 0%" for about 10 minutes before I gave up for the day.

A quick google on "destiny transferring game data" returned some hits straight away for both platforms, so I'm a little surprised to have woken up this morning to zero articles about it. Hopefully that means I can play later!

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