Battlefield 4 Final Tests For CTE Fall Patch

Strangely enough Dice has kept its promise of continuous support for Battlefield 4 even after the announcement of the new addition to the Battlefield Series (Battlefield Hardline from Visceral Games). With the help of players in the Community Test Enviroment (CTE) after the release of various patches and the netcode “High Frequency Bubble” updates a few months ago, Dice are testing the final build of the Fall Patch.

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Majin-vegeta1557d ago

So this means the patch is being released tomorrow/today depending where you are??

Skate-AK1555d ago

Doubt it. Sony and MS can't certify a patch that quick.

MSBAUSTX1556d ago

Online in this game was fun but for some reason I have always enjoyed the campaigns in FPS games and wish this one had some single player DLC. I like going back through the story of the game and trying to get or find the little extras and playing on harder difficulty.

With no DLC to further that experience, a lot of FPS games are not worth it to me until they drop in price by at least 50%. The only reason I played, and enjoyed, BF4 was because I could play it on EA Access. More single player DLC please developers.

KwietStorm1556d ago

The only reason I tortured myself through the campaign was to get all the guns. And they aren't even worth it.

CKPan1556d ago

Wow...almost a year...