3GEM Review: NHL 15

Dan from 3 GEM wrote:As 3GEM’s resident expert when it comes to EA Sports annual NHL franchises, September is a special time for me. Fall is right around the corner, it’s getting cooler, football is back, and real NHL training camps are about to start up. But above all of that, it means the newest NHL game is due to come out, and my friends and I can get our EASHL clubs together and hit the ice for some virtual puck. Not this year, however. Things over at EA Sports Vancouver have been very messy the last few weeks, and I fear things are only going to get harder.

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3GEM_Dan1556d ago

Thanks for checking out my review everyone, be sure to comment and let me know if you agree!

cubize1556d ago

Sad to see its not all worth the hype. Oh well, there is always next year :P

EvilWay1555d ago

The gameplay is great, best to date. The missing content is sad but I hope they will add it soon. The made the gameplay from the ground up so I give them a little slack. I was never a fan of the game modes they are missing so it isn't a deal break for me like it is some others. I am mostly a play now and myGM guy