"R.I.P" PSN, Thanks Destiny

GaminRealm: "Even though the title seems as a bit of “click-bait”, I honestly believe there might be some serious issues for PSN to deal with the launch of “Destiny”."

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Godmars2901559d ago

When something has yet to happen, yes, titles like this are clickbait.

MarquiseGT1559d ago

Did you read the article though?

FullmetalRoyale1559d ago

Yes, all twelve words.

It was my understanding that there was a bug involving Minecraft. Regardless, it is not much of an article. It could have fit in the description, sadly.

ShinMaster1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Didn't XBL go down when the Destiny Beta came out?
I didn't have that issue on PS4 with either the Alpha or Beta. Nor did I get any error messages lately. I've been able to do everything online just fine.

Also, Minecraft seemed to have issues getting certified on PS4 before. So that may be a game specific issue.

aceitman1559d ago

Uhhhh watchdogs did fine and it was the highest selling next generation title.

MarquiseGT1559d ago

You know Destiny is the most pre-ordered game of all time right? Also the install base has increased by 4 million or so on ps4 since watch dogs

BullyMangler1559d ago

Should i go buy every single one of Justin Biebers albums then, becaue justin sold more than tech9?

Or should i go buy Knack, because it sold more than Super mario 3D world, in that one country ?

zerog1559d ago

@marquisegt. Thats just wrong lol. Destiny is the most pre ordered "new ip" of all time, gtav is still the most pre ordered "game" of all time. Destiny won't even come close to gta's numbers.

extermin8or1559d ago

ummm the games out and psn seems fine so....

MarquiseGT1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Dude its only out for East Coast right now...

Edit: considering it's 12:42. Also not everyone downloaded it digitally nor did they go to the store to pick it up.

extermin8or1559d ago

It's out for UK and Europe, and download the game on my crappy internet is done, plus I forgot to preloaded it most didn't...

snarls2001559d ago

who's to say xbl won't have problems

Yahdaree1559d ago

Wow this article is crap...

HanzoHattori1559d ago

So Destiny has been available for a few hours now and this is PlayStation Network's current status:

This is what's happening at

18 reports of issues...

I'd say PSN is doing just fine at 6am EST. I'll check back in at Noon EST.