Expect A Steep Rise In PS4 Sales Due To Destiny's Arrival

With Destiny now on store shelves and a bunch of gamers biding their time before the next-gen dive, PS4 sales should rise significantly in September.

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Applejack1532d ago

I know right? I'll admit I didn't even bother reading the article because it's so obvious to me.

darthv721532d ago

today marks a couple of historic events. not only is it Destiny day but also the 15th birthday for the Dreamcast and the 19th birthday for the Playstation in North America.

Greatness all around.

XBLSkull1532d ago

I expect sales of the game to be great but I don't know anyone who has been waiting to buy a new console to play Destiny. I don't think this game is going to move a whole lot of hardware on either side. Especially since you can just buy the game on PS3/360, what is the incentive to upgrade?

badz1491532d ago


do you think Sony is backing Destiny big time with no prospective to push console? what world are you living in? heck MS secured TF for an early release on the Xbone to push sales earlier this year too! was that pointless too?

amiga-man1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I expect sales of the game to be great but I don't know anyone who has been waiting to buy a new console to play Destiny.

I came across two people who have done just that and I was on a football forum at the time lol

Spotie1531d ago

@XBLSKULL: Right here. My system is in the mail. Gonna be playing all this weekend.

k3rn3ll1531d ago

He didn't say Sony wasn't trying to gave Destiny move systems. All he said was he didn't see it actually working. Just because a company does something for that purpose doesn't mean it works everytime. I mean look at titanfall.

Side note : went to pick up my copy an hour ago and there were 3 teenagers in there buying xbox ones. Asked why and they said Destiny. Most likely halo fans. So it seems no one is right

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Xsilver1532d ago

Soooooo I'm guessing 1 million Glacier White PS4's Sold with Destiny?

solidt121532d ago

I was at the midnight launch for Destiny and they had over 600 preorders of the game just at that store alone but the one thing that surprised me the most was that they had over 100 pre-orders for the white PS4 all paid for in advance. I know I saw at least 20 people walking away with the white PS4 bundle and I was toward the beginning of the line. I was at a store in Cary NC. I couldn't beleive it.

Xsilver1532d ago

yup Sony bet on the right horse to move more consoles.

DC7771532d ago

Well you can count 1 more here. Greatness delivered via UPS. It has been a long day at work.

3rd PS4 I purchased. Gave the other 2 as gifts. But held out for the white one myself.

chikane1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Nice hope it sells like 100000000000000000000000000000 00000 -_-

but for real the game that will destroy TF is finally out so happy

Thatguy-3101532d ago

I'm curious to see how much the game sold in all platforms. It will be interesting to see how it stacks against titanfall, seeing how it was supposed to be the "next big thing".

Flamingweazel1532d ago

joke post?? titanfall on x1 didn;t even outsell Killzone, destiny on ps4 alone will outsell Titanfall week 1.

ardivt1532d ago

I hope tf will come to ps4 in a year or so. with all the dlc and patches the game could definitely be worth it

Mr-Dude1532d ago

Good! Destiny is awesome, been playing since this morning 11.00 :-D

Aceman181532d ago

I started at 3:30 this morning NYC time lol. I stopped playing around 12-12:30 to take a break

Mr-Dude1531d ago

I started 11.00 Holland time... just a couple of minutes ago I turned my PS4 off...

Speak_da_Truth1532d ago

Well who didn't know this???

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