Batman: Arkham Knight Will Be PS4 Exclusive in Japan, at Least For Now

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Japan announced today with a press release that Batman: Arkham Knight will be exclusive for PS4 in Japan.

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98xpresent1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Oh I'm so surprise /s

Is PC gaming doing well in japan

aceitman1555d ago

So is this a sign of low X1 sales , or is it just the timing .

_-EDMIX-_1555d ago

Not really.

This is a bait article.

Little known fact...most 3rd party games are exclusive to PS in Japan due to 360 having very, very low says.

Example. FFXIII has been exclusive to PS3 in Japan along with the sequels due to 360 no selling in the country.

Just like last gen....expect most 3rd party games to be exclusive to PS4 in Japan, hell expect KH3 and FFXV to be exclusive to PS4 in Japan. (it wouldn't be the first time)

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I thought that sony didn't have cash to do all this stuff? because if i read right,
they just got batman: arkham knight lockdown to only release on PS4 in japan. Same thing they did with destiny! and will be fully localized with japanese language. What are they going to lockdown next?

Edit: after the update for this news article, it seems that on microsoft's website that it shows it's still listed for X1, but on a japanese website, it indeed shows only the PS4 version! so it's not neither permanently or temporary, guess we'll find out about this when more info on it comes out!

98xpresent1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

The Ps4 is the only platform to play it on in japan. The xbox one is dead over there .

But They should at least put it on PC for the PC audience over there

dark-kyon1555d ago

pc gaming in japan is MMO games,eroges and visual novel,nobody use pc to play "games" in japan.

extermin8or1555d ago

x1 might aswell have not released in japan, sony wont have paid for this just agreed to help with some advertising or something,

ShinMaster1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

You think this is all Sony's doing?

Most third-party games in Japan are exclusive to PlayStation. Sony doesn't need to pay anything.

The Xbox 360 was as popular as the Xbox brand will ever get and it sold poorly in Japan so most games are not released on Xbox, and sometimes that may include Western titles.

iNFAMOUZ11555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

meh who cares
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ScorpiusX1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Wait for it in 1 2 3 , forget about it this will be accepted with no complaints cause it's sony but let someone else do it and becomes an act of betrayal or blasphemy or money hating . The sadness of double standards.

DanielGearSolid1555d ago

But do we know its an exclusivity deal in the first place?

X1 version in Japan might have an extremely low ROI

Gamer19821555d ago

This is a low sales issue not money deal, if it was money then it would be a worldwide exclusive like rise of the tomb raider. Then people would be upset. Also the reason nobodys upset when "sony does it" as I have read about the net is this only affect a few thousand Japanese gamers who bought the xbox one. The rest of the world who owns an Xbox One is still getting the game. So no need to fight, make up crap or anything. This is purely down to terrible sales and happened all the time with 360.
I think MS was hoping to avoid this, this generation as it kills momentum in Japan for there console (ask Nintendo) when 3rd partys drop support in any territory. But this is exactly like the Wiiu. If it doesn't sell devs won't port/translate/publish it.

user3672721555d ago

So True. Destiny was also made PS4 exclusive in Japan and you can barely hear a fart in the room and I expect this game will be no difference.

But when Tomb Raider and Titanfall were made XB1 exclusives or even timed exclusives, we get 20 articles a day about MS throwing money around and injustice..etc, etc.

Double standard at its finest.

Anyways, I will get this game on my PC because it will be the ultimate version but it is sad that the XB1 fan base in Japan, regardless of how small it is, will be locked out again.

DanielGearSolid1555d ago

Again there's no confirmation of any exclusivity deal with Destiny.

You might wanna blame Xbox's non existent demand in JPN. Same thing happened with final fantasy last gen...

It just might not be worth the investment

ScorpiusX1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Xbox one gamers can borrow the we will get the sequel or definitive version in six months reasoning. Lol

grassyknoll1555d ago

Square Enix is the publisher of Destiny in Japan. It's their decision.

FlunkinMonkey1555d ago

Don't blame MS's shortcomings in Japan on Sony, there was likely not even any deal made..

"Xbox one gamers can borrow the we will get the sequel or definitive version in six months reasoning. Lol"

No, you can use the 'likely to not get priority with releases in Japan, because no one wants it there'.

_-EDMIX-_1555d ago

Deal? LMFAO! Soooo if your Square, Capcom, WB, Ubisoft, Activision etc....does it make sense to release games in a region where over the course of 8 years about 1 million units sold?

The cost of the port would never even get fully paid for with such a port.

You can't be as slow as to think that companies just make games for any damn system regardless of install base based "deals"

Did if ever occur to you that those companies actually need to know...MONEY?

Those games are not "exclusive" they are merely only releaesing on PS4...just like the FF series did in Japan on PS3 and many, many 3rd party games did last gen on PS3.

Want to know why?

Again...1 million units sold over the course of 8 years.

Sorry but they are not stupid and releasing ports to a dead system and losing money with ever single entry.

badz1491555d ago

LOL @delusional comments over here! I doubt Sony has anything to do with these recent exclusivity in Japan. it's not Sony's fault the Xbox brand tanked in Japan, you know! why not try selling more of Xbone first before you guys even start crying over games not coming for it IN JAPAN? no sane publisher would want to publish any game for a console only sitting on store shelves!

Gamer19821555d ago

Tomb Raider is worldwide exclusive not one PS4 gamer can get that game when it releases on Xbox (unless they own both consoles) this only affect a few thousand Japanese Xbox owners who only a limited amount would have bought anyway. Not to mention there was no money involved anyway. Go away with your crap. People aren't gonna make a stink about it as it actually doesn't affect you Xbox gamers unless your from Japan does it?? So why are you actually complaining about it?? There's nothing to make a stink up about.

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MegaRay1555d ago

Who own a xbone in Japan? Lol seriously

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DanielGearSolid1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

After seeing the 23k launch in Japan its pretty obvious why Batman has gone PS4 Japan exlusive....

But hey there's always china!

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