FIFA 15 Demo Now Live on Xbox One

FIFPlay: FIFA 15 demo will be on X360, PS3, PS4, and PC later today. #XboxOne users can download it now.

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Dudebro901555d ago

but..but.. I thought EA Access was going to make it so EA would never release demos again!?

Pumped to try this out. Really like FIfa 14.

kenmid1555d ago

that's the PlayStation haters trying to denied that EA access is not a great deal.

WeaseL1555d ago

paying to get a demo a few hours early is the future

kenmid1555d ago

@Weasel lol, you just prove my point. I'm playing Battlefield, Fifa, Need for Speed games that I wouldn't never bought, but I'm playing for them 30 bucks and when I bought Madden last week I saved 8 bucks. And No I don't care if their old games, they are still good games. So I don't know about your ridiculous playing for demo comment.

qwerty6761555d ago


sigh, that's not even the main feature

its the vault and the 10% off new games.

Gravity_DoGG1555d ago

Anyone know when we can expect it on PS?

psnCAShville_6151555d ago

best defender in pro clubs... best in the world.

Rocky51555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I'm liking the demo so far, but its different from 14 when using manual for everything. (I also haven't had the game auto switch me yet! (That's a big deal, because even though on manual it would still switch me))

I'm also loving the presentation, though I mess the option to cycle through the highlights :-( (bumpers) & this.

I'm also loving the new little touches to gameplay, like grass moving under players feet & the little smirks & twitches of the face now add to the game.

windblowsagain1555d ago

What's with all the