Fatalities Expanded in Mortal Kombat II - Today in History - September 9th, 1994

Carl Williams writes, "It is pretty much accepted fact that Nintendo’s censorship policy literally gave the Sega Genesis a slight upper hand when the original Mortal Kombat was released on home consoles. Acclaim was between a rock and a hard place as far as the Super Nintendo version of the bloody brawler was concerned. History shows they went with the severely censored version on Super Nintendo while giving an “unlocked by code” version to the Sega Genesis (and later a “no code required” version on Sega CD). With Mortal Kombat II though, Nintendo had seen the error of their ways and changed their censorship policy to be more in line with their competition (read, they took a hard hit in the pocket book once and didn’t want to do it again). While the Genesis was the defacto home console for the original MK, MK II was better on the SNES. Tit for tat."

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