Kickstarter Weekly: Warlocks, Stash and Data Hacker: Reboot

Garrett from The Koalition writes:

What I’ve learned, or rather remembered, about the RPG genre is that it’s versatile, and there are many projects on Kickstarter that showcase such versatility. I’ll admit that I had originally planned to pick three RPGs that took place within a Western fantasy setting, but I found myself sidetracked by these three projects and their different takes the genre. Warlocks is a frantic sidecrolling RPG with some of the coolest moves I’ve ever seen, Stash is an MMO with turn-based mechanics, and Data Hack: Reboot is a narratively ambitious RPG whose ideas have since expanded beyond the original planned trilogy. Hopefully this issue of the Kickstarter Weekly has something for every RPG fan.

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rbailey1498d ago

There are some pretty awesome games featured on this list. I'll definitely look into Warlocks and Stash further.

garrettglass1498d ago

I'm kind of worried that Warlocks might look too much like recent Kickstarter RPGs and how that might affect its success. Same with Stash too--it doesn't have a lot of time left.