How to find Destiny Pre-order Bonuses (PSN) - Vanguard Weapons, Emblem, Ghost Skin, Spaceship Skin

This guide will help you find your Destiny PSN pre-order bonuses such as Vanguard Weapons, Emblem, Ghost Skin, Spaceship Skin, among others.

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kratoz12091528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Has the Us got there copies yet, I am in Australia and picked mine up,
Are they 12hours behind us?

our_games_are_art1528d ago

ha, ha. You aussies got the last laugh this time lol

BlackWolf121528d ago

This is not a guide. He lists a few bullet points. Doesn't tell you how to access those things at all.

-Foxtrot1528d ago

You have to pay with in game currency...come on if I've got DLC least give me it free

frezhblunts1528d ago

Hey so do I have a problem if it still did not show up after I did that? The gamestop preorder sparrow came up and an emblem but not the vanguard armory

ProSid1528d ago

Where was the gamestop sparrow?i had preorde from gamestop and i didnt get it

ceballos77mx1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

So it doesnt appear on the game?

frezhblunts1528d ago

the sparrow appeared in a message from the same place this article is talking about but I did the vanguard armory too and still fail to see it. Hope it isn't major

Villain5281528d ago

U get the sparrow however u only get access to the vanguard armory. U still have to buy with glimmer tho. The exclusive armors guns and whatnot must be unlocked through strikes I believe. In no way am I saying this is 100 fact just answers that I found out from others when I investigated the issue

frezhblunts1528d ago

OH villian is that true? Makes a lot more sense, I saw a lot of top level guns I can buy if I had the money

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The story is too old to be commented.