APB Reloaded Confirmed For Xbox One & PS4

There's just one problem- neither Sony and Microsoft want to allow cross-platform play, or for you to bring over your already purchased content.

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NukaCola1501d ago

Wasn't this a poorly reviewed game?

mhunterjr1501d ago

Yes, but apparently, it improved over time... Reviews are rarely updated after launch.

I always thought it was an interesting premise. They had Asymmetric matchmakimg beige it's time.

Septic1501d ago

The premise was great but the shooting elements were a mess. There are some really cool touches like incredibly deep customisation options, the cop vs robber setting is brilliant. You often see people breaking into shops and loading up their vans with televisions which is hilarious.

Its a total troll fest but alas, there was no real stable game world. It didn't live up to its promise.

Still, it'll be fun to mess around with on consoles.

Gamerbeyond1501d ago

it was a poorly developed, released game.

Volkama1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Released, shut down, picked up on the cheap and re-opened by another publisher. Real bottom of the barrel free to play stuff.

I'm honestly surprised they have the resources available to port it.

Note none of that is a commentary on the quality of the game. I've never actually played it to be in a position to say whether it is any good or not.

Software_Lover1501d ago

I play this game atleast once per week on the PC. This will be a welcomed game on consoles. I love it. It will probably be easier to get groups together with your friends list on the consoles.

scark921501d ago

No doubt, Hacks are a problem on PC servers so I hope its different on consoles!

spence524901501d ago

PC gamers don't care about this because they have way more options. This will be a hit on consoles though.

PFFT1501d ago

SWEEEEEEETNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SS! This is a great addition to the Ps4 library!

The_Truth_24_71501d ago

PCwned! Not an exclusive anymore.

Eiffel1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Lol. You can keep it.

cj1pate1011500d ago

Yeah keep it dbag because it was never an exclusive but a crappy game that in no way reflects pc gaming. Keep it kiddo.

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