Destiny's Story Takes 9-10 Hours to Complete

GoodGameBro writes, "For the past few years, we've discovered a lot about the world of Destiny. Bungie slowly let us know more about their big project, and players have been fortunate enough to get their hands on the beta and/or the alpha."

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Loktai1530d ago

Pretty average.... its going to be the end game content and missions, raids and expansions that make it a long-haul game.

Battlefieldlover1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

This stinks, no two ways about it.

@Loktai. You named all FPS Shooters. Destiny is more then that. Well i really hope,

I never said the story stunk, only that it stinks i'll finish this game in a week. Destiny isn't BF or COD and i'm good with that. 10 hour story not so much.

Loktai1530d ago

How exactly does a 10 hour story stink? Battlefield 3 took me 6 or 7 hours, I hear battlefield 4 is half that. COD is like the same, and Killzone took me 7 also.

Lord_Sloth1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Totally. I only logged about 40 hours in the Beta on a single world alone.

Completion Time =/= Play Time

Seriously, MGS games only have about 3 hours of gameplay and nobody complains about them. Why? Because they're fun.

mikeslemonade1530d ago

Lame.. shorter than I expected. I predicted 15 hours but really..?

NukaCola1530d ago

I can't believe this. Rage was made short and it still had a 10 plus hour campaign. Destiny spans multiple worlds and is designed to be a 10 year project.

HeavenlySnipes1530d ago

ShadowFall's campaign is like 12 hours long

SilentNegotiator1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I, and several others, logged more than 10 hours IN THE BETA. I don't buy that this game is "9-10 hours long"...they're just riding the haterade wave to get clicks.

_-EDMIX-_1530d ago

My issue with Destiny is its trying to be this game with lots of content.....yet has a 10 hour story.

Sorta a big deal if you consider what you'll be buying as DLC.




COD etc

All have 12 hour or so single of those games are MMO style games mean't to be supported for a whole generation mind you they stated 10 years.

Soooo to have a damn game launch with 10 hours worth of story pretty much sums up as much caring as one should have with this series in terms of single player games.

Sooo they have a open world, always online game, yet have 10 hour story?

Sorry but for a game like this, I would expect 40 to 50 hours of side quest, 15 hours or so single player.

From the size of the small world I played on the beta and the really awful kill quest, mindless enemies that stay in the same spot in the world...EVERYTIME, it was evdient this game wasn't going to take single player seriously.

Fallout...its not.

Red Dead...its not.

In fact...any damn game with NPC quest in a large world could likely do a better job then what I played of this game.

Its pretty clear that this game is a raid and MP only game. Single player seems to be a waste of time as I'm starting to even question playing or wasting time in it.

I'll wait for Fallout 4, H1Z1 (as it knows what it actually is) The Division, No Man Sky etc.

AndrewLB1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I'm actually really surprised that a game that's been in development for what.... 5 years... is so short.

My feeling is they already have multiple DLC packs finished and ready to release... for additional money. I'm sure we'll see at least one or two of them show up around Christmas. Gotta spread them out a bit in order to maximize profits since they do have to cover half a billion just to break even.

Loktai- Those games focus completely on being a frag-fest, this doesn't.

HeavenlySnipes- KZ:SF is NOT a 12 hour game. I took my time and it was over in less than 10.

edit: So there really are two expansion packs coming? Damn... that was a good guess. lol.

AsheXII1529d ago

Lol what? People spend dozens of hours in the beta, are you telling me you're planning on speedrun through this game?

Destiny is an MMO like game, it has no real end. Every week Bungie will add new missions and new playlists... This isn't your average single player campaign.

Gatsu1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

What Lord Sloth said above. A game don't need to be long in order to be fun. Even every MGS game have few hours of gameplay, but they are sooo fun to play. I've been a gamer since early 90's so that is how I feel, but many kids these days think otherwise I guess.

Also the amount of time you play a game or single player campaign etc, totally depends on the player and his playstyle.

ChronoJoe1529d ago

It's not 10 hours at all though. It's 10hours if you just do the story missions.

If you do the strikes, raids, etc along the way, then you're looking at much longer.

It's like telling people Super Mario 64 is an hour long, it's not very relevant to the average consumer / player.

ShinMaster1529d ago

People are already reaching MAX levels...

Not even 1 day!

Criti-Choco1529d ago

@ -EDMIX- none of those games you listed are even close to 12 hours long im campaigns dude.....

Id say, considering that this game is more multiplayer orientated, that a 10 hour campaign is reasonable.

As for the DLC? I dont know what kind of content is in them to warrant an opinion.

anwe1529d ago

Its disappointing, but not surprising. The beta was a good indication of how little content there was going to be on each planet. This also explains the odd damage control type comments that bungie has been making over the past few weeks.

I don't regret my preorder, but I've no doubts I will have seen just about everything within a few weeks and be tired of it.

CorndogBurglar1529d ago

I think people are missing the fact that article said this guys didn't play any of the side quests or anything else. Just the main story quests.

starrman19851529d ago

I am hoping Destiny is more of a loot based action RPG FPS, much in line with Diablo (of course, both different types of games)

9-10 hours is completely acceptable for the story, considering that it's (I'm hoping) just the warm up for the real end game content!

I'd expect people to rush the story anyway because that probably unlocks more end-game content, it will also be the quickest way to hit level cap and probably award you with a half decent set of equipment.

People expecting a huge story probably weren't completely clued up with the type of game Destiny is, considering it's published by Activision Blizzard who also publish and produce some of the biggest MMO games currently on the market. I am sure they would have helped in development considering their background.

DLConspiracy1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I see a lot of people getting defensive about this. Let's be clear.

A 9-10 hour game isn't a bad game. With that said. Nobody is/was expecting this game to be anywhere near that number. People are looking for a game like Borderlands 2 or Skyrim as examples of length and value. NOT INCLUDING DLC. Borderlands 2 is about 32 hours on average to about 45. Skyrim is 32 hours avg to 100 and even 200 completionist.


Though I can't say that Destiny thus far really weights up against the level/type of "quests" in BL2 or ES Skyrim.. Even if Destiny is closer to 14 hours you can pretty much assume we all would still be hoping for more from the base game.

This is what worried me about the whole DLC and Season Passes planned out like they are. This content better be cheap and big. Borderlands 2 and Skyrim were great examples of value off a base game.

Visiblemarc1529d ago

I'm relieved, actually.

I can enjoy very long games, but with my backlog, it's good to know that I can control the length of this experience with side quests.

If I love it, great, can put tons of time in. If it's fun but I want to play other stuff I can get to the point and move on.

Ozmoses1529d ago

just pace yourself...

I mean why rush through any game??? Get you money out of it.

play for a few hours... go doing something in real life... play for a few hours.. go doing something in real... and so on....

donthate1529d ago


For an epic large scale world, I expected a lot longer play time than 9-10 hours. Especially a game that I expected to be extremely repetitive.

A game that was claimed you would never finish!

I hope the multiplayer is good and will keep people going. From the beta, the game was very mediocre.

Godmars2901529d ago

"How exactly does a 10 hour story stink?"

From the very first minute from what I've seen. They should have started off with a corpse revived in ruined and decimated lab rather than suggest that someone had been brought back from being a skeleton.

A freaking skeleton.

No intention of playing the game but guessing that never really touch on what Ghost are how and why it came specifically looking for you. That they that for a sequel - to a freaking multiplayer online game!


Sevir1529d ago

Well That's pretty Good. KZ Shadowfall clocked in at 10 hours. which was longer than COD:G, Battlefield 4.

I'm not sure why people are complaining. This is Story, Not Strikes, raids, Public Events and and the Patrol missions that set you out to explore and discover each desitination...

Story completition time s Narrative based. that's the length of the narrative. in the beta we completed the 4 story missions in under 2 hours and explored half of Old Russia for more than 40+ hours. so if we Only did Story and ignored Explore, Strikes, and Public even, didn't loot or grind, leveling up our favorite weapons and gear we'd finish the games narrative in 9 hours....?

9 hour is longer than COD:G, COD:MW-MW3... Longer than Battlefield 4... Longer than the non existent story mode in Titan Fall. and Just about as long as Killzone Shadow Fall and a little bit shorter than Halo 4... and those are all smaller games than Destiny on scale, content and ambition...

N4G complaining about something negligent and really not an issue? Yep!

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RyanShutup1530d ago

Judging by the Alpha/Beta if anyone finishes this game in under 50 hours ... you're doing it wrong... o__O

Loktai1530d ago

Right... you'd have to run through it real quick and that doesnt include end game content or anything. It seems people are taking it as "10 hours to see everything" .. .Def not the case. Plus two announced expansions and counting.

Lwhit61530d ago

Length does not equal how much fun I will have in this game.

700p1530d ago

lmao i knew it. Good thing im not buying this overhyped garbage. This game will be riddled with dlc and "expansions".

ScottyHoss1530d ago

You mean the solitary two expansion packs? 15 bucks each? That is most likely better than most DLC, as Bungie said theirs will be something special. Considering how much support they plan on giving it I'm guessing they'll be pretty large at that. But you can believe what you want, we'll know when we know

Black_Adam881530d ago

its so overhyped tht you follow articles and read about it....

SilentNegotiator1530d ago

You were never going to buy this game the minute you found out that the PS version was getting a little extra content.

CorndogBurglar1529d ago

Did you miss the part that said this guy didn't do anything else in the game aside from play the main story quests? He didn't do any side quests, multiplayer or anything. He basically just did a speedrun throught main story.

Visiblemarc1529d ago

People are *so* aggressive about this game. No reason to get worked up. Buy it if you think you'll like it, don't buy it if you don't think you'll like it.

It's like people take this stuff personally. These are products, man. Do you go around the grocery store screaming "I'm not buying that bread! I HATE flax seeds!" No, you just pick up something you *do* like and don't give it a second thought.

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joab7771530d ago

It's an mmo. They will continuously add content. And it's the repeat content, loot grind, time w ur friends, and PvP that make every game like this. Except this is a FPS made by one of the best in the biz.

Nodoze1529d ago

As an MMO it is extremely troubling that within 1 day people are at max level. That points to some piss poor pacing and planning on the part of Bungie. A week of solid play, I could see that. 1 day is pathetic.

Bungie is not an MMO developer. They should stick to what they are good at.

3-4-51530d ago

When games take 10 hours to beat, it usually takes me 15-20, because I just go at my own pace and take my time and enjoy the game and not try to rush through.

10 hours = constantly trying to push forward to the end game, without just enjoying everything else.

Dirtnapstor1530d ago

Same here, I enjoy the fruits of a developers labor. Burning through a game is ridiculous. One really cannot take in everything if your sole objective is to beat it then shelve it or trade it in.
Love it when players skip all the cutscenes, whip through the levels, and then say the SP sucked....ADDites.

KiwiViper851530d ago

I finish as much content as I can before proceeding to the next mission. Like in Assassins creed, all collectibles in an area all assassinations, races, etc. before the next mission marker. That way my character is fully upgraded before the end of the story and it makes me feel like a boss

_-EDMIX-_1530d ago

Sorry bud but this game isn't the case. There is nothing to do other then story with regards to the story.

ie when you go on a mission, I seriously have to question what you would really be doing that would stretch it to 20 hours.

Example, you need to go in a cave, kill some fallen, kill a big enemy and it brings you back to orbit.

....thats it.

I don't fully get how one can stretch such a thing when you have no other missions to do ie, if you beat COD in DOUBLE the hours it took MOST of other gamers on the same setting I have to question what exactly your actually doing in the game?

This isn't the type of game where play hours would vary has they game doesn't have such variables. ie this isn't Fallout or Skyrim with a bunch of side quest. The side stuff isn't long enough to even call "single player"

As someone who literally JUST got done getting to level 4 (in less then an hour buddy) The game has less content then you might think in regards to length.

I've played BF's single player before, I played the COD single players up to MW2.

I've also played Fallout 1-3, Vegas and Skyrim (along with Oblivion)

This games hours are more set closer to a COD or BF then a Fallout or Elder Scrolls as the game doesn't have side quest on the same level, not even slightly close.

Thus...most will beat the game around the same time. Why? Well...what on earth could cause one to beat the single player at a different time other then voluntary choosing to delay a mission from completion? I don't think most really understand what a mission is on Destiny.

Mind you, in Fallout 3, I beat the single player in 13 hours...the games side quest come close to 70 or 80 hours depending on how you tackle them and on what level.

This game literally has no side quest. The stuff you do on the side could barely be called a "quest".

Jdoki1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


This game is closer to Diablo 3 than CoD or other FPS or RPG games.

Yes, there's a story component, but this is intended to be supplemented by the Grimoire cards for those who want more background.

The main driver for this game is PvE, PvP and the loot rewards for doing those things - the story is the backdrop.

People put hundreds of hours in to playing the same multiplayer maps in CoD / Battlefield / WoW BattleGrounds etc. So I don't see why this is getting judged only on story length - it's not that sort of game - it's not one that is 'beaten' purely on finishing the story quests.

Level 4 is not an indicator of content. If you play World of Warcraft, the game doesn't get close to opening until level 10. In the Destiny Beta I felt the character classes only just started to differentiate themselves at level 8.

People can approach this game however they like - but those treating Destiny as a traditional FPS are going to be underwhelmed and probably disappointed. But for people who like MMO's and Diablo style games, there's a lot to like here.

I'm waiting for my copy to arrive, but having already sank a lot of hours in to the Beta (which had very little story), it's safe to say I'm going to get my money's worth.

GrandpaSnake1529d ago

greatly said and lol at the people saying metal gear games are short hideo kojima easily lays a dump on almost 99% of developers when it comes to content.

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Novistador1530d ago

So... no one else is mad that you spend 60$ and get 9-10 hours of story? This is the problem with the industry.

Dirtnapstor1530d ago

I bet it'll be like Watchdogs, GTA, RedDead, etc., all the little stuff tacks on the real hours.

Novistador1530d ago

Hopefully or not even dlc can save this game.

Shadonic1530d ago

Hasn't it always been like that? Even rushed The Last of Us could be beaten in about 10-11 hours. Does that statement alone mean that The Last of Us as a whole is trash because 10 is less than the 60 or something ? do you judge how good a film or book is by how long it is or by how it made you feel entertained or not? If Watch Dogs were to have a few more hours of story in the 20 hour range would that instantly make it the better game all around just because the story is longer?

mike32UK1530d ago

I pay £7-£8 to see a 2 hour movie. Works out the same If you ask me

UnwanteDreamz1529d ago

Nope just you being upset at not having it. Ive never seen so many kids worried about how others spend their money.

LordMaim1529d ago

There isn't a Halo game out there that tops 10 hours for the campaign. If you're playing this sort of FPS for the campaign alone, this isn't any different. But most people buy these games for the multiplayer, the exploration, and the added content. I spent far more than 10 hours in the Beta, and only had 2 missions. I can't wait to get into the full game.

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Gamer19821529d ago

Lets be honest after the BETA and the announcement of the lack of planets who didn't see this coming? But Destiny is so much more than Story though. The fact the PVP is part of the game is something no game has ever done before. You can take everything you have earned on pve into pvp and vice versa.

dumahim1529d ago

Yeah, 9-10 hours to rush through it and avoid everything. I tuned in to a stream last night and the guy said he had been playing for like 9 hours up to that point and he had just hit level 13 and had only done missions on Earth and the moon up to that point.

Jonny5isalive1529d ago

ohhhh wow, less than halo 1.

MWMonroe23951529d ago

There will be a lot of dlc trust me!

3-4-51529d ago

I've put in about 8-9 hours and I'm only lvl 9.

I took my time, did side missions, did some crucible stuff, walked around and just enjoyed the game for what it is.

This game is going to take so long to get everything.

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1530d ago
Bonkerz1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

You guys seem to forget that it is one raid... Yea im definitely gonna wait about a week before picking this game up after talking to friends about it. I see people streaming already just about max level, it is going to get extremely repetitive. I am hoping i am wrong, but we will see, as of now its not looking good in my book.

Im really hoping this doesnt become a huge disappointment.

Palitera1530d ago

People are believing the 11/10 marketing. There's no way it won't be a disappointment.

Also, I severely disagree with your comment. You should have capitalized the 'extremely'.

UnwanteDreamz1529d ago

You two sound like jilted lovers. Some people are having a great timewith it while other just speculate wland watch their twitch playthroughs sad little gamers.

Sayburr1529d ago

Yeah, I have to agree with this. I am waiting to see what people really think of the game before I decide to pick it up or not... also, I am a solo player, don't get into PvP gaming, so that aspect holds no positives for me at all.

Still, a 10 hour straight runthough would take me much longer because I try to play every side mission possible to get more enjoyment out of a game.

mav8051530d ago

Story and world was the whole draw for me. Pass.

ScottyHoss1530d ago

The world is more what I'm thinking it's all about

_-EDMIX-_1530d ago

As someone that owns the game......look else where. Those are literally the weakest parts of this whole game.

Story is non existent and the world is dead, small and literally boring.

Its easily worst post war open world I've seen in a long time.

You only see like 8 NPC's in the tower LMFAO! You've seen zero homes, you only see some buildings below the tower, you hear no talk from the NPCs as they don't even speak to each other LMFAO!

If you want to know how bad the game does at trying to paint this world....pretend this was Fallout 4.

Would you think it was the BEST Fallout if that indeed was it?