What If Destiny Fails?

Destiny is undeniably the biggest game of the year, but will it be able to go beyond the initial hype surrounding it? That is the question.

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Steve1billion1558d ago

Nice article. I'm really looking forward to Destiny, but, like any game ever, it has a chance of not living up to the hype. I guess we'll see in due-time.

joab7771557d ago

Here is the beauty of Destiny and many mmo style games. It will change...ALOT...based on what we want. And i believe that the core is built for the long haul. And the fact that unlike most games hiding when pre orders get big, Destiny's pre orders skyrocketed b/c of a beta.

Enemy1558d ago

It's probably going to be the best selling game since GTA5, and best selling new IP of all time.

No chance this ends up like TitanFall.

As far as the actual game does, it's the most fun I've had with a FPS this year. I was already in withdrawal when the beta ended.

sobotz1557d ago

Not really, most people (at least most of my friends) didn't buy this game because it's always online.

Enemy1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Most of the people that play shooters have internet. You're in the minority, you'll see.

joab7771557d ago

Yeah, but Cod is the biggest FPS in the world b/c of the online.

Also, I was looking at the map video and I believe only the strike team missions requires Xbox live...and the crucible obviously.

aviator1891557d ago

Titanfall's sales of 2+ million alone on xbox one is pretty great, imo. Well, considering the ~5-6M xbox one owners (that's around a third of the userbase, which is certainly impressive for a new IP).
Though I do imagine destiny will sell more because there are more next-gen owners now.

joab7771557d ago

Was it 2 million on xbone or xbox. I don't remember. If it was 2 million, that's amazing. Also, it so entirely b/c of the hype...not that it wasn't good.

I just think had it released across all platforms, it would have made a much bigger splash. It released at a bad time for xbone.

aviator1891557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

2+ million on xbox one, around 1M on xbox 360, and I'm not sure about pc sales.
And the x1 version is still high up on the charts each week, so I imagine the word-of-mouth is pretty good.

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llxKonanxll1557d ago

If it fails then developers will need to try something vastly different for the FPS genre.

Deeke1557d ago

I enjoyed the alpha and the beta, and felt a certain spark of inspiration during the cutscenes. But certain practices leave a bad taste in my mouth: releasing DLC before the game's even out, the overpriced Ghost Edition (which, in my opinion, is a total waste), and the unloading of advertising.

The game is everywhere. We can't possible avoid it invading our psyches. It's on TV, it's everywhere online, there are dozens upon dozens of semi-clickbait articles published on so many sites, stretching the content as thin as it'll go.

We see Destiny on subways. On buildings. We've probably even seen advertisements pasted on buses. I know the game will be fun, and yes I'll play it, but I'm looking forward to weighing the cons as well as the pros.

Serrafina1557d ago

Same as my comment on the website. It's hard to fail something if it wasn't aiming to achieve anything but be the best game. If we're discussing sales, it would be a matter of results. If we're discussing the best MMO game, then mention in what standard or measure should MMO games qualify to be.

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